More than 40 Percent of Minnesota Workers Lack Access to Paid Sick Days

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Some 41% of Minnesota workers lack access to even a single day of earned sick time, a new report finds. Those who have the most difficulty taking time off from work when they are sick include low-income workers and those employed in food service and other jobs where they are in regular contact with the public.

The report was released Friday by TakeAction Minnesota and the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. It contains data by gender, race and ethnicity, occupation, hours worked and earnings level.

“This data indicates that Minnesota workers who are least able to lose pay when they are sick are also the least likely to have employer-provided earned sick days,” Jessica Milli, senior research associate at the Institute for Women’s Policy Research Earned sick time gives workers the ability to seek health services or stay home with sick children or other family members, helping reduce the spread of illness in schools and workplaces. It provides more economic security for families across the board, but most especially for those struggling in lower-wage and part-time jobs.”

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