Teen Invents Device to Help Keep Wandering Alzheimer’s Patients Safe

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 Kenneth Shinozuka is only15-years-old, but he already has a goal in life: He aims to discover a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease. Until that day comes, it seems that Shinozuka spends his time trying to find ways to make things just a little easier for patients with Alzheimer’s as well as those who take care of them.

Specifically, Shinozuka invented a pressure sensor that is worn with a sock (or on the bottom of the foot) and can detect an increase in pressure. This then wirelessly sends an alert to a caregiver or family member’s smartphone. The ultimate goal of the device is to alert the caregiver if the patient wanders.

NBC News points out an alarming statistic from the Alzheimer’s Association which says “of the estimated five million Americans with the disease, about 60 percent of them wander — and often become dangerously lost — as a result.”

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