Leak? It Probably Means That Darren Wilson Won’t Be Charged In Michael Brown’s Death

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When I read in last Friday’s New York Times that some of the testimony in the investigation of Ferguson, Mo., police Officer Darren Wilson was leaked, I cringed and then uttered a few expletives because I knew something bad was coming soon. In my years of being a trial lawyer and legal analyst, I’ve seen this before.

I hope I’m wrong, but I have a feeling that prosecutors are getting ready to drop the hammer on us. They want us to be ready for what every tear-gassed, unlawfully arrested, shot at, beaten, harassed, billy-clubbed protester doesn’t want to hear:

Wilson probably won’t be charged in the killing of Michael Brown.

According to the Times, Wilson told investigators that he was “in fear for his life” after struggling with Brown two months ago in Ferguson, Mo. Further, according to sources, evidence in the case “did not support civil rights charges” against Wilson. The Times also pointed out that its account of Wilson’s version of events “did not come from the Ferguson Police Department or from officials whose activities are being investigated as part of the civil rights inquiry.”

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