Steven Yeun On How Korean Parents React To A Career In Acting

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Steven Yeun recently went on Ellen as a first-time guest to promote the return of The Walking Dead.

During his interview, he talked about his parents as well as the blood poisoning injury he received on set. After Yeun admitted that The Walking Dead was his second audition ever in L.A., Ellen asked the Korean American actor if his parents approved of his decision to pursue acting as a career. “No, my parents are Korean, and traditionally, that first generation of Korean Americans aren’t too happy with the little curveball that you throw them when you’re a kid,” said Yeun.

Although his parents weren’t happy with his decision at first, Yeun told Ellen that they were now proud of him as an actor and would even give him advice about the entertainment industry. “My dad wanted me to wear a suit everywhere I went,” Yeun said, adding that his father would tell him to wear a suit, even when he would go out to buy oranges. “He’s like, ‘You should get a suit … what if they get you and then you’re not in a suit? Then you look stupid.’”

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