Fresno Youth Experience San Joaquin River for the First Time

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Editor’s Note: The San Joaquin River is just minutes away from Riverpark, one of the most prominent shopping areas in Fresno, and yet many Fresnans have never experienced the river. There is a renewed interest and discussion in public access to the river, which is opposed by homeowners in the exclusive residential area that borders the river. About 15 young Fresnans visited the river recently to learn about it and help in clean up efforts. The Know is a youth-led community news media outlet of New America Media.



Anonymous User

Posted Nov 3 2014

It's nice that they're trying to help out with efforts to clean up the river, but I can also understand why the locals would oppose public access to it. They probably just want to preserve their rural lifestyle and discourage tourism. I've lived in quiet rural places before where they allowed public access to local landmarks and it resulted in major, disruptive changes to the neighborhood.

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