The Korean American Voters’ Dilemma in NJ

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As election day rolls around on Nov. 4, there is a potential dilemma for Korean Americans in New Jersey’s 5th District as they decide on which candidate deserves their vote.

Six-term incumbent U.S. Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ) has continually been a supporter of local Korean businesses as well as relations between the U.S. and South Korea. Garrett was a supporter of the House of Representatives Resolution 121, also known as the “comfort women resolution,” which proposed that the Government of Japan “should formally acknowledge, apologize and accept responsibility… for [that actions of] its Imperial Armed Forces.”

The newcomer on the other hand is Democrat Roy Cho, a 33-year-old Korean American corporate lawyer who has never run for office until now. His campaign describes him as “a non-politician to make Washington work.”

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