UC Regents Approve Steep Tuition Hikes

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ON Thursday, Nov. 20, administrators of the University of California approved tuition increases of as much as 5 percent over the next five years, despite protests from both undergraduate students and faculty, and open criticism from California governor Jerry Brown and other state legislators.

The 14-7 vote from the Board of Regents marks the end of a peaceful three-year-freeze over the cost of public higher education in the state. It also sets up months of negotiations and political posturing before a final tuition-percentage increase is chosen.

Increasing tuition, according to UC President Janet Napolitano, will help pay for higher employee pension and salary costs, hire more faculty, and boost undergraduate enrollment by 5,000 over five years.

Napolitano’s plan calls for tuition for California undergraduates to rise next year to $12,804, not including housing and other expenses. By the 2019-20 school year, that could increase to $15,564, unless state funding for UC rises enough to offset or possibly eliminate the surge. Earlier this month, the chancellors of all 10 UC campuses announced their support for the tuition increase, calling it “predictable and fair.” -

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