Want to Improve Voter Turnout? Abolish Voter Registration. No, Really!

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It’s your right to vote. So why does our society seem not to want you to use it?

Two-thirds of eligible voters did not vote in this year’s midterm elections. It was the lowest electoral turnout since World War II—a time when most black people couldn’t even vote because of Jim Crow laws and because a large portion of voting-age males were overseas trying not to get blown up. This year a paltry 36.4 percent of all potential voters gave the Republicans the Senate and decided what our politics would look like until the next election cycle in 2016.

How can we call ourselves a representative democracy when our democracy is chosen by only 36 percent of its people? And how can anyone be OK with this in a “shrug your shoulders, can’t fight city hall” kind of way?

What would fix this apathy is if people were guaranteed that their vote would count. What if we could remove the biggest barrier to voting, a barrier so huge we don’t even see it?

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