Exodus From 'The Jungle'

Exodus From 'The Jungle'

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Ed. Note: For decades, a creekbed in East San Jose served as a homeless encampment for hundreds of San Jose residents who've lost homes, jobs, families and have no place else to go. Last week "The Jungle" -- as the area is known -- was shutdown by the City of San Jose. As police supervised, bulldozers wiped the area clean and the homes people made for themselves are now gone.

Photographer Jean Melesaine went to meet with the people the night before forced removal, and photographer Charisse Domingo went to meet residents in the morning of its shutdown as residents scrambled. At 6 am, residents were woken with flashlights, police, and clean-up crews in hazmat suits. These are the photos of a community in Silicon Valley, one of the richest regions in the world, now searching for a new home.