After AB60, Some Immigrants Have Hard Time Getting License

Long Beach VoiceWaves, News Report, Michael Lozano, Posted: Jan 31, 2015

VoiceWaves spoke to undocumented immigrants, community leaders and lawyers about some of the challenges facing immigrants looking to get a driver’s license.

Chinese Elders Find California’s Low-Income Care Plan Promising, But Confusing

World Journal/New America Media, News Feature, Richard Lee, Posted: Jan 31, 2015

Zonghu Wong Lee, 94, must decide whether to join a new California plan promising to coordinate her care, but she and others find the program confusing.

Rabbi Helps Hispanics Connect with Secret Jewish Roots

Borderzine, News Feature, Elvin Alves, Posted: Jan 31, 2015

Louie Saenz, news director for KTEP radio, said he found out about his own Jewish heritage by accident.

‘When My Brother Comes’ - New Regs Could Discourage Prison Visits

The kNOw, First Person, Tou Vang, Posted: Jan 30, 2015

A new set of California regulations aimed at ferreting out contraband in state prisons threatens to discourage those hoping to visit family or friends behind bars.

Michigan Lawsuit Highlights Growing Islamophobia in U.S.

Arab American News, News Report, Samer Hijazi, Posted: Jan 30, 2015

Reactions to a federal lawsuit brought by a Michigan woman who was forced to remove her hijab when arrested last July point to growing Islamophobia.

Arrests of Undocumented Migrants in Southern US at Lowest Since 1970s

El Mensajero, News Report, Posted: Jan 29, 2015

Detentions of undocumented migrants trying to cross the southern U.S. border in 2014 fell to the lowest level since the 1970s.

McDonald’s Arches No Longer Golden for CEO Thompson

North Star News, News Report, Posted: Jan 29, 2015

McDonald’s Corp., the world’s largest restaurant chain, announced on Wednesday that the company’s president and chief executive officer will retire March 1.

Agua 4 All Campaign Launches in the Eastern Coachella Valley

Coachella Unincorporated, News Report, Amber Amaya, Posted: Jan 29, 2015

Agua 4 All, a pilot project that aims to bring clean drinking water to rural communities across California, launched Wednesday in Thermal, Calif.

Japanese American Seniors Write Letters to the Future

Nichi Bei Weekly/New America Media, News Feature, Tomo Hirai, Posted: Jan 29, 2015

A California gerontologist learned cultural lessons while teaching Japanese American elders to write “legacy” letters on their values and ideas to family and friends.


New America Media, Question & Answer, Anna Challet, translated by Summer Chiang, Posted: Jan 28, 2015

儘管平價醫療法案(Affordable Care Act)普及精神健康服務,但往往家長在為孩童尋求精神健康服務時,仍常遇到困難。

Obama’s Arctic Decisions May be the Climate’s Turning Point

New America Media, Commentary, Mark Trahant, Posted: Jan 28, 2015

The Obama administration stepped up to preserve the environment by limiting future oil and gas development in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Indigenous Leaders Call for Driving Test in Their Own Language

La Opinión, News Report, Araceli Martínez Ortega, Translated by Elena Shore, Posted: Jan 28, 2015

Getting a driver’s license is crucial for farmworkers, who often depend on cars to get to remote areas that aren’t accessible by bus.

The GOP's Border Bill Would Be a Disaster

Vox, News Report, Dara Lind, Posted: Jan 27, 2015

The zero-tolerance standard is plainly unrealistic, according to experts.

Mexican Army to Guard Schools Threatened by Gangs

VOXXI, News Report, Posted: Jan 27, 2015

Three teachers were kidnapped, and others were forced to pay parts of their salaries to the crime gangs through extortion, teachers said.

Winter Storm Facts Could Save Motorists

Washington Informer, News Report, Posted: Jan 26, 2015

Heavy snowstorms, dangerous ice and some altogether rough driving conditions are a part of the norm, particularly of late in the Washington, D.C., area.

Black Cubans: Restoring US Ties Is Cool, but America, Keep Your Hang-Ups About Race at Bay

The Root, News Report, Posted: Jan 26, 2015

It doesn’t matter how much Cuba’s culture changes now that the U.S. has restored diplomatic relations; if you’re waiting for black Cubans to set off some sort of racial revolution, don’t hold your breath.

Chloe Kim Becomes the Youngest Winter X Games Gold Medalist

Koream Journal, News Report, Posted: Jan 26, 2015

Chloe Kim, 14, became the youngest gold medalist in Winter X Games history, edging seven-time X Games gold medalist Kelly Clark to silver in the women’s snowboard superpipe on Saturday night.

Forced Disappearances are Humanitarian Crisis in Mexico

Inter Press Service, News Report, Emilio Godoy, Posted: Jan 26, 2015

Twenty-six human rights organisations have sent a U.N. Committee 12 submissions on the problem of forced disappearance in Mexico.

Low-Income Koreans Confused on New California Care Plan

Korea Times/New America Media , News Feature, Kwang Hee Lee, Posted: Jan 25, 2015

Low-income elders like Young Soon Kim, 75, of San Jose, must decide whether to join a new California health plan with good benefits, but important trade-offs.

Doctor With Parkinson’s Fights Latino Culture’s Silence, Denial and Isolation

HuffPost Voces/New America Media , News Feature, Yolanda González Gómez , Posted: Jan 24, 2015

Neurologist María de León, MD, is not only an expert on Parkinson’s, but also has the disease. She founded the group Defeat Parkinson’s to help Latinos in particular.

Former US Sailor Rocks Boat with Federal Lawsuit

Muslim Observer, News Report, Aatif Ali Bokhari, Posted: Jan 23, 2015

Being a US sailor allowed Jonathan Berts a chance to travel around the world and study Arabic and Islam, but his commitment to faith resulted in an unfair dismissal.

Mal de Parkinson, hispanos lo ignoran o aplazan tratamiento

New America Media, News Feature, Yolanda González Gómez , Posted: Jan 23, 2015

Desde que emigró a Estados Unidos en 1975, el mundo de Félix Saldaña giró alrededor de subir y bajar altas tarimas, estructuras de madera y operar maquinaria, debido a su trabajo en el ramo de la construcción, el cual cumplió sin problemas durante muchos años, tal vez respaldado por la fuerza física adquirida como boxeador amateur cuando vivía en México.

‘The Happiest Day of My Life’ - Undocumented APIs Urged to Apply for Driver’s Licenses

New America Media, News Report, Summer Chiang, Posted: Jan 23, 2015

Undocumented Californians can now obtain driver's licenses, but advocates worry that few among them will be from the API community.

Study: Women, Minorities Pay Higher Effective Social Security Rate

New America Media, News Analysis, Paul Kleyman, Posted: Jan 22, 2015

President Obama’s State-of-the-Union plan would help workers start 401(k)s. But experts say he should also act to make Social Security taxes more equitable.

Parkinson’s, Pesticides and Poverty--The Dilemma of Latino Denial

HuffPost Voces/New America Media , News Feature, Yolanda González Gómez , Posted: Jan 22, 2015

Latinos have among the highest levels of Parkinson’s disease due to pesticides, poverty, culture and other factors. Experts say they can control its effects by keeping moving.

President’s Muscle-Flexing SOTU

The Root, News Report, Posted: Jan 21, 2015

Obama's State of the Union Address was a big hit. Here are five points to consider.

In State of the Union, Obama Calls on GOP to Help Middle Class

Washington Informer, News Report, Dorothy Rowley, Posted: Jan 21, 2015

In his sixth State of the Union address, the president challenged the GOP to uplift the middle class with more trade deals and higher taxes for the rich.

The College Myth: Why Most Students Need More Than Four Years

Richmond Pulse, Commentary, Joanna Pulido, Posted: Jan 21, 2015

In universities across California it’s difficult for students to graduate on time because of space constraints, tuition costs, and generally not enough courses offered.

South Korean Teen Joins ISIS

New America Media, News Report, Posted: Jan 20, 2015

South Korean media are reporting on what is believed to be the first case of a South Korean national joining the terrorist group ISIS.

Shutting the Door on City College’s Neediest

New America Media, Commentary, Emily Wilson, Posted: Jan 20, 2015

On the first day of the spring semester at City College of San Francisco, some of the neediest students were told they do not count.

Who’s Joining the First Lady for the State of the Union Address?

The Root, News Report, Posted: Jan 20, 2015

On Tuesday the president will deliver his State of the Union address, and some special guests will have a front-row seat from first lady Michelle Obama’s box.

Obama’s State of the Union to Call for Investing In Young People; Will Congress Listen?

Indian Country, News Report, Mark Trahant, Posted: Jan 20, 2015

Indian country is rarely mentioned during a presidential State of the Union. That’s too bad. There is so much a president could do to improve the administration of federal Indian policy.

A Small Business Solution to Shrinking Workforce--Hire Seniors

Yahoo Small Business/New America Media , News Feature, Mark Taylor , Posted: Jan 18, 2015

As competition heats up for reliable, experienced workers small businesses should stop ignoring one source of potential employees--older Americans.

Across California, ‘Waiting Lists’ for Children’s Mental Health Services

New America Media, Question & Answer, Anna Challet, Posted: Jan 17, 2015

California families looking for mental health services for their children frequently encounter a dysfunctional system.

NYC May See Its First Female Korean American Police Captain

The Korea Times, News Report, Posted: Jan 16, 2015

According to a New York Police Department source, Lt. Huh Jung-yoon of Queens’ 109 Precinct passed a recent captains test.

Pope Tells Filipinos, Future of Church 'In Asia'

GMA News, News Report, Posted: Jan 16, 2015

On the second day of Pope Francis' five-day state visit and apostolic journey to the Philippines, he was wowed by the Filipinos.

Governor’s proposed budget called 'a gift' to adult education

EdSource, News Report, Susan Frey, Posted: Jan 16, 2015

The governor’s proposed budget, unveiled last week, allocates $500 million for an Adult Education Block Grant, with a provision that existing K-12 adult ed programs be funded for another year.

How Hardcore Helps Me Cope With Depression

We'Ced, Video, Alyssa Castro, Posted: Jan 16, 2015

Robert Cervantez, 19, has struggled with feelings of depression since middle school. Merced's Hardcore community has given him a much-needed outlet.

Children of the Drought

New America Media / BOOM, First Person, Reyna Olaguez, Posted: Jan 16, 2015

Today, that water is no longer there. The once lush green trees are dying. Families no longer cool off in the river. Only the memories remain.

Disappearance of 43 Mexican Students Reverberates in Long Beach

New America Media / Long Beach VoiceWaves, News Report, Michael Lozano, Posted: Jan 16, 2015

After promoting a Los Angeles protest on Facebook, the 26-year-old started to receive online threats.

Farmworker Women Speaking Up on Domestic Violence

New America Media, News Feature, Brenda Rincon, Posted: Jan 15, 2015

Workshops for farmworker women are helping to counter misinformation and challenge some internalized attitudes about abuse.

Irish Doctor’s Wisdom on the Art of Aging

Irish Echo/New America Media , News Feature, Peter McDermott , Posted: Jan 15, 2015

Late art by Matisse, or “Mr. Turner” show age isn’t just a period of loss and decline, but of “optimal aging” with the resilience we need to honor in elders.

House Votes to Defund DACA, But Community Should Not be Fearful

New America Media, News Report, Posted: Jan 14, 2015

The legislation is not expected to pass the Senate, and if it did, it would be vetoed by President Obama.

Croatia Seeks to Naturalize Korean Soccer Player for Its National Team

Koream Journal, News Report, Posted: Jan 14, 2015

In the past, South Korea sought granting citizenship to imported foreign players to imported foreign players in order to improve its national soccer team. However, due to Korea’s strong sense of ethnic nationalism, the country opted not to naturalize these foreign athletes each time it faced overwhelming public opposition.

The Paris Attacks Are an Insult to the Prophet Mohamad

Arab American News, Editorial, Staff, Posted: Jan 14, 2015

As much as we condemn the cowardly attack, we reject retaliation against ordinary Muslims have nothing to do with the violent extremists who carried it.

First Mobile Fitness App Designed by Af. Americans Launched

The Northstar News, News Report, Posted: Jan 14, 2015

The release of the Black Men Run running app for the iPhone in the Apple AppStore is a groundbreaking moment for not only fitness, but also technology.

A Model for Police Reform

Richmond Pulse, News Report, Brett Murphy, Posted: Jan 14, 2015

Changes to policing in Richmond, Calif. that are now bearing fruit in improved community relations offer a model for departments nationwide.

The Desolate Streets of Ferguson

New America Media, Commentary, Andres Tapia, Posted: Jan 13, 2015

The protesting crowds have thinned. The 24-7 news army has packed up its equipment and moved on to the next hot spot. But Ferguson is still simmering.

Thousands of Black Lives Mattered in Nigeria, but the World Didn’t Pay Attention

The Root, Commentary, Kirsten West Savali, Posted: Jan 13, 2015

As the world mourns for Paris, we must also decry Boko Haram’s violence. #BlackLivesMatter.

Yes, they’re Condemning the Paris Attacks: The Muslims’ War on Terror

Tikkun, News Report, Posted: Jan 13, 2015

The fact is that both governments of Muslim-majority countries and the chief religious institutions have been engaged in a vigorous war on religious extremism for some time.

Kamala Harris: Are We Looking at the Next US Sen. From Calif.?

The Root, News Report, Posted: Jan 13, 2015

She’s got a track record for strong races statewide, the potential to raise lots of money and the strong support of the man in the White House.

Margaret Cho Mocks North Korea at the Golden Globe

Koream Journal, News Report, Posted: Jan 13, 2015

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler kicked off last night’s Golden Globes with jokes about the cyberattack on Sony Pictures, calling the room full of celebrities “spoiled, minimally talented brats,” a reference to Scott Rudin’s leaked comment about Angelina Jolie.

Fresno's Hmong New Year Fest Draws International Crowd

The kNow, Video, Posted: Jan 13, 2015

Each year, over a hundred thousand people gather at two locations in Fresno to celebrate Hmong New Year.

If Supreme Court Rules Against Health Subsidies, States Will Lose Billions

New America Media, Question & Answer, Viji Sundaram, Posted: Jan 13, 2015

By not expanding Medicaid, states like Georgia are suffering in some obvious and some not-so-obvious ways.

Villages Offer Services and Community for Bay Area Seniors

KALW-FM/New America Media , News Feature, Jen Chien, Posted: Jan 12, 2015

Seniors are banding together in nonprofit “villages” to help pay for shared services, such as transportation, meal delivery or social activities.

New Program Offers Model of Success for English Learners

Noticias Univision 14, News Report, Melissa Hernandez, Posted: Jan 12, 2015

(Spanish Only) Parents and teachers at Hoover Elementary School, located about 30 miles south of San Francisco in Redwood City, are praising a new program there aimed at enhancing the academic performance of pre-K through 3rd grade English Learner students.

Nuevo programa combina Medicare y Medi-Cal

Alianza News/New America Media , News Report, Gerardo Fernández, Posted: Jan 11, 2015

El condado de Santa Clara es uno de siete condados en California que participará en Cal MediConnect, que busca ayudar a personas de edad avanzada y/o con discapacidades, que son elegibles para los programas de cobertura de salud Medicare y Medi-Cal, a encontrar el mejor servicio de salud que mejor se adapte a sus respectivas necesidades.

New Program Combines Medicare and Medi-Cal in Santa Clara County

Alianza News/New America Media , News Report, Gerardo Fernandez , Posted: Jan 11, 2015

Santa Clara County starts new state program to coordinate the health and social services for “dual eligible,” those who receive both Medicare and Medi-Cal.

Texas Researchers Seek World War II Vets for Study on Memory, Identity

KUT-FM/New America Media , News Report, Veronica Zaragovia, Posted: Jan 10, 2015

New memory research in Texas shows that World War II veterans often have vivid recollections both combat and the times.

Researcher Calls "Successful Aging" Form of Ageism

KNBA-FM , News Feature, Joaqlin Estus , Posted: Jan 10, 2015

Many Americans are obsessed with the idea of staying forever young.

Gov. Brown’s Budget Not Specific About Medi-Cal Spending For DACA

New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Posted: Jan 09, 2015

Health care advocates are heartened by Gov. Brown's 2016 budget, but disappointed by his "smoke and mirrors" approach to offering Medi-Cal to those who will get deportation relief from President Obama's recent Executive Action.

My Civil Rights Year—Selma, Louisiana and Mrs. Caulfield’s Butterbeans

New America Media, First Person, Paul Kleyman, Posted: Jan 09, 2015

Just two of us in a parking lot, uninsulated by the National Guard. What had I got myself into?

Navigating College While Depressed

Long Beach VoiceWaves, News Report, Wendy Manjivar, Posted: Jan 09, 2015

For Cal State Long Beach student Rachel Keeney, one of the strongest triggers for her depression is the fear of losing relationships.

CA Driver's License Applications Exceed DMV's Expectations

La Opinión, News Report, Posted: Jan 08, 2015

“The numbers have exceeded our expectations,” DMV spokesperson Armando Botello told La Opinión.

Giúp đỡ con cái giỏi toán kiểu mới Common Core

Cali Today, News Report, Giang Phan, Posted: Jan 08, 2015

Trước đây, khi đăng bài viết về môn toán kiểu mới – Common Core, nhiều phụ huynh người Việt có nhiều thắc mắc, chưa biết gì về loại toán này, mà hiện đang áp dụng trong trường học.

Helping Your Child Thrive Under Common Core

Cali Today, News Report, Giang Phan, Posted: Jan 08, 2015

Ask Vietnamese American parents in the Bay Area if they have heard about the Common Core and many will offer up a shrug. Even among those who have heard of the new standards now in place across California schools, many are still unsure of what they are and what they mean for students.

En San José, se usa Common Core para convertir estudiantes de idioma Inglés en líderes

El Observador, News Report, Veronica Avendano, Posted: Jan 08, 2015

Para Juddson Taube, profesor de inglés de escuela secundaria, el cambio en California al Common Core [Estándares estatales esenciales comunes] ha significado que ya no tiene que sentirse como un "vendedor" en su clase.

For Chinese Parents, Traditional Methods Best Prep for Common Core

Sing Tao, News Report, David Wang, Posted: Jan 08, 2015

For many Chinese parents, the Common Core emphasis on comprehension over rote memorization has not swayed them from more tried and true methods. SAN JOSE, Calif. - Inside Benjamin Ellisons 10th grade science class at Overfelt High School in east San Jose, students sit in groups discussing their most current project, which happens to be nuclear energy.

Pa. Man Tries to Run Over Police Officers in NYC and Yells, ‘I Want to Kill Cops’

The Root, News Report, Posted: Jan 08, 2015

Matthew Christian Cash, a 24-year-old Pennsylvania man with a lengthy rap sheet, attempted to run over as many of New York City’s Port Authority police officers as possible Wednesday night near the entrance to the Holland Tunnel, the New York Post reports.

#JeSuisCharlie? No, I'm really not Charlie Hebdo: Here's Why

First Post, Commentary, Sandip Roy, Posted: Jan 08, 2015

The spontaneous outpouring of the #JeSuisCharlie hashtags following the Paris attack elides the really thorny issue of free speech.

Oakland’s New Road to Seniors' Independence Starts Construction

Oakland Local/New America Media , News Report, Laura McCamy, Posted: Jan 08, 2015

Advocates in Oakland, Calif., for low-income, ethnic elders hope an innovative new transit line being built will help senior to keep living independently.

FBI Investigates 'Deliberate' Bombing Outside Colorado NAACP Office

Ebony, News Report, Posted: Jan 07, 2015

An improvised explosive device was detonated against the exterior wall of a building housing the Colorado Springs chapter of the NAACP on Tuesday, officials said.


Sing Tao, News Report, David Wang, Posted: Jan 07, 2015

走進聖荷西東區Overfelt高中,經過不同課程教室的窗外,會看到印象中大不相同的教 學。

Why Americans Should Be Outraged by Pena Nieto Visit

El BeiSMan, Commentary, Jose Angel N. , Posted: Jan 07, 2015

The Mexican president's visit to Washington shows Obama's willingness to overlook his actions to continue business as usual.

Study Exposes Nursing Home Residents’ Aggression Against Each Other

Columbus Dispatch/New America Media , News Report, Encarnacion Pyle , Posted: Jan 07, 2015

New research reveals that one in five nursing home residents suffer verbal, physical or sexual abuse by other--often mentally disturbed--residents.

Los profesionales del futuro

Buenas Tardes Con Celina, Audio, Celina Rodriguez, Posted: Jan 06, 2015

In this 3-part radio series (Spanish only), veteran journalist and radio host Celina Rodriguez examines the new Common Core standards and how schools in Silicon Valley are using them to boost student performance.

Looking at the Common Core

EPA Today, News Feature, Henrietta Burroughs, Posted: Jan 06, 2015

While opposition to Common Core has risen nationally, EPA Today's Henrietta Burroughs discusses with guests what the new standards are and why many educators think they will lead to better performing students nationwide.

In San Jose, Using Common Core to Turn English Learners into Leaders

El Observador, News Report, Veronica Avendano, Posted: Jan 06, 2015

(Spanish/English) For high school English teacher Juddson Taube, the shift to the Common Core has meant that he no longer feels like a salesman in his class. Taube teaches at Latino College Prep Academy, a charter school in East San Jose and part of the East Side Union High School District.

Four Reasons Why Keystone XL Pipeline Is a Goner

New America Media, News Report, Posted: Jan 06, 2015

Here are four reasons why the pipeline might never be built: Climate change, politics, and of course, the price of oil.

Stuart Scott Spoke the Language of My Generation

The Root, News Report, Posted: Jan 06, 2015

Stuart Scott was the first TV anchor to make hip-hop language and swagger part of the sports lexicon, and he made sure that disenfranchised black kids were represented at his table.

Giúp đỡ con cái giỏi toán kiểu mới Common Core

CaliToday, News Report, Giang Phan, Posted: Jan 06, 2015

Nhiều phụ huynh gốc Việt vì quá chú trọng vào điểm số của con mình nên vô hình dung đã gây áp lực tâm lý rất nhiều cho các em trong việc duy trì điểm tốt để làm vui lòng cha mẹ.

Thousands Mourn Detective Wenjian “Joe” Liu

Asam News, News Report, Posted: Jan 05, 2015

Mourners arrived early this somber weekend in Brooklyn for the wake and funeral services for Detective Wenjian “Joe” Liu. Thousands of police officers from around the country formed a sea of blue in a mile long stretch in Brooklyn to pay their respects.

Catholic to the Core - San Jose Catholic Schools Embrace New Standards

FilamStar, News Report, Harvey Barkin, Posted: Jan 05, 2015

Catholic school educators in San Jose say they are using the new Common Core standards to foster spiritual and intellectual rigor in the classroom. SAN JOSE, Calif. -With names such as Thomas Aquinas, John Baptist de la Salle, Francis Xavier Cabrini and John Bosco, Filipinos Americans have long turned to Catholic schools for quality education.

Bay Area Indian Americans Question Shift to Common Core

India West, News Report, Lisa Tsering, Posted: Jan 05, 2015

For Indian American parents in the Bay Area, the shift to the new Common Core standards begs the question, "Why fix something that isn't broken?"

Why Pope's U.S. Visit Is More Important Than Asia Trip, Commentary, John Nery, Posted: Jan 05, 2015

The pope's most important trip of the year will be in September, when he goes to the new center of Catholic conservatism: the U.S.

Driver's Licenses Available to Undocumented in California

La Opinión, News Report, Posted: Jan 05, 2015

Community leaders are encouraging people to apply for deferred action before applying for a driver's license.

Edward Brooke, First Black Elected U.S. Senator, Dies

Washington Informer, News Report, Posted: Jan 05, 2015

Edward Brooke, the first African-American in the nation's history to be popularly elected to the Senate, died Saturday at his home in Coral Gables, Florida. He was 95.

India Differs with U.S. on ‘Certification’ for Pakistan’s Battle Against Terror

India West, News Report, Posted: Jan 05, 2015

New Delhi: In a strong reaction to Washington's pat to Islamabad for acting against terror groups, India on Monday said it does not believe Pakistan has shown "sustained commitment" in fighting such outfits.

US Jobless Claims Rise, Labor Markets Setting

Asian Journal, News Report, Posted: Jan 05, 2015

The number of Americans filing new claims for jobless benefits rose more than expected during the last week, but the trend remained consistent with sustained strength in the labor market.

Thousands of Undocumented Immigrants Apply for Driver’s Licenses in Calif.

Asian Journal, News Report, Posted: Jan 05, 2015

Undocumented immigrants in California can now obtain driver’s licenses under Assembly Bill 60, also known as the Safe and Responsible Drivers’ Act, which went into effect on Jan. 1.

Some Immigrants Relieved to See Holiday Season End

VoiceWaves / New America Media, News Report, Michael Lozano, Posted: Jan 04, 2015

For many immigrants, the holidays are an unwelcome reminder of just how far away they are from family members on the other side of the border.

'Free, Free Chol Soo Lee'

Koream Journal, News Feature, Julie Ha, Posted: Jan 03, 2015

"Free, free Chol Soo Lee." Once a protest cry to free an innocent man from death row, the words now speak to the wish for peace for the Korean immigrant whose life story symbolized both incredible triumph and tragedy.

Marcus Mariota Headed to College Football’s First National Championship

Asam News, News Report, Posted: Jan 02, 2015

The first Pacific Islander to win a Heisman Trophy will play in college football’s first National Championship.

‘Kill the Pain, Not the Patient’--Catholicism's Message on Palliative Care America Media , News Feature, Vivian Zalvidea Araullo, Posted: Jan 02, 2015

Despite misunderstandings about Catholic teachings, Filipino elders are learning that it’s okay to allow palliative or hospice care “kill the pain, not the patient.”

Nun in El Salvador Fights AIDS One Village at a TIme

Mary Jo McConohay, News Report, Posted: Jan 02, 2015

In El Salvador as elsewhere, AIDS was stigmatized, even considered punishment for wanton sexual behavior.

Messages in a Bottle: Listening to an Old Answering Machine

New America Media, First Person, Andrew Lam, Posted: Jan 01, 2015

Listening to it, I searched my memories -- I tried to probe into that young immigrant's life. What kind of person was he, really? How did he feel? That is to say, who was I?

Growing Awareness of End-of-Life Care Among Nigerian Immigrants

Immigrants Magazine Online/New America Media , News Feature, Julian Do, Posted: Jan 01, 2015

Nigerian Americans are learning at life’s end, U.S. medicine has limits, and palliative care may be best for very ill seniors.