Winter Storm Facts Could Save Motorists

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Heavy snowstorms, dangerous ice and some altogether rough driving conditions are a part of the norm, particularly of late in the Washington, D.C., area.

And, for the unfortunate motorist, it could also mean unforeseen time stuck inside an automobile.

“Nearly two-thirds of drivers had some sort of non-emergency supplies in their trunk ranging from shoes and toys to used food or drink containers, while nearly all drivers had at least one emergency supply in their vehicle [last winter], such as a spare tire or jumper cables, and a mere 5 percent carried all the essential emergency roadside supplies such as hazard triangle and road flares, flashlight, first aid kit, water, and blanket,” said Dave Phillips, a media specialist for State Farm Auto Insurance.

Phillips said the brutal winter of 2013 proved that hazardous weather could come sooner, end later and could mean being stuck inside of a car under a heavy snowstorm.

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