Pacquiao's Killer Instinct is Back for Mayweather Super Fight

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LAS VEGAS—Beware Floyd Mayweather Jr.—Manny Pacquiao’s “killer instinct” is back.

The Filipino People's Champion issued that warning after the American undefeated fighter, Floyd Mayweather Jr., said he planned to come out swinging and be the aggressor in their superfight in Las Vegas on Saturday (Sunday in Manila), reports news wire

Working out at Top Rank gym here, Pacquiao jogged in place and began throwing speedy punches before letting out a heavy breath of air and screaming: “The killer instinct’s back, baby!”

The thin crowd that milled around the ring during the surprisingly open workout clapped their hands and cheered. From his corner of the ring, Freddie Roach, the Pacman's coach smiled.

As Roach drifted away from journalists that descended on Pacquiao while he did a television interview, Roach said to anyone who cared to listen that he needed Pacquiao to be a killer.

“He can’t do good guy on the ring against this guy,” Roach said, referring to Mayweather, who battles Pacquiao in a megabout at MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 2 that’s projected to earn $400 million—three fourths of which the fighters will split.

“He can’t trust this guy,” Roach said, smiling.

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