California Latinos Closing Gap in Health Coverage

New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Posted: Jul 31, 2015

Eligible Latinos are now enrolling in health insurance at similar rates to whites.

Manning: Sarah Lee Circle Bear Died While in Police Custody; Family Seeks Justice

Indian Country Today, News Report, Posted: Jul 31, 2015

The family of Sarah Lee Circle Bear continues to grieve, and meanwhile seek justice for their beloved daughter. They are presently looking into different options for lawyers, and fear that without the right lawyer they may miss an opportunity for justice for Sarah.

Family Detention -- It’s Time to Do the Right Thing

New America Media, Commentary, Michelle Brané, Posted: Jul 31, 2015

A court ruling is the latest blow to the controversial practice of detaining families seeking asylum.

Cameron Stresses Trade Not Rights in Hanoi

Vietnam Right Now, News Report, Posted: Jul 30, 2015

The British prime minister, David Cameron, is reported to have urged Vietnamese leaders to embrace political change during his two day visit to the country ending on Thursday.

¿Sabes cómo reconocer la esclavitud moderna?

La Opinión, News Report, Yurina Melara, Posted: Jul 30, 2015

Los Ángeles es una de las tres metrópolis en Estados Unidos con más alto nivel de esclavitud, según el FBI.

Katrina Pain Index 10 Years Later: Who Was Left Behind

Louisiana Weekly, News Report, Bill Quigley, Posted: Jul 30, 2015

When Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast on Aug. 29, 2005, the nation saw tens of thousands of people left behind in New Orleans.

'She Didn’t Kill Herself,’ Sandra Bland’s Mother Says At Funeral

Tri-State Defender, News Report, Posted: Jul 29, 2015

As Sandra Bland was laid to rest on Saturday, mourners delivered powerful remembrances of the 28-year-old activist who reportedly died by suicide in a Texas jail after an arrest for a minor traffic infraction earlier this month.

N. Korean Missiles Sold to Yemeni Rebels Used Against Saudi Arabia

Korea Times, News Report, Posted: Jul 29, 2015

Recent missile attacks on Saudi Arabia have been traced back to missiles sold by North Korea to Yemeni rebels according to an intelligence official from South Korea.

University of Cincinnati Officer Charged With Murder of Sam Dubose

The Root, News Report, Posted: Jul 29, 2015

Officer Ray Tensing is in custody and reportedly broke down in tears when he was notified that he was being charged with murder in the death of Samuel Dubose, according to his lawyer.

#Health4All Tour Stops in Fresno

The kNOw Youth Media, Video, Alex Taylor and Zeke Benavides, Posted: Jul 29, 2015

Community members, media and activists gathered to hear Senator Ricardo Lara discuss and celebrate the progress SB4, otherwise known as Health for All.

Local Experts in Dearborn Share Thoughts on Iran Nuclear Agreement

Arab American Media, News Report, Ali Harb , Posted: Jul 29, 2015

The historic agreement reached between world powers and Iran over its nuclear program both will prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Here Is What We Know About the Death of Choctaw Medicine Man Rexdale W. Henry

Indian Country, News Report, Posted: Jul 28, 2015

Henry was running as a tribal council candidate for the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians prior to his arrest and served as a stickball coach in his community.

Exercise is The New Stress-buster For Children in the Mission

New America Media, News Report, Nayoon Jin, Posted: Jul 28, 2015

According to the Children’s Council San Francisco, approximately 1 in 3 low-income children between the age of two and five years is overweight or obese.

La Opinión Calls House Bill 'Dangerous'

La Opinión, News Report, Posted: Jul 28, 2015

An editorial in La Opinión argues that the House bill to eliminate millions of dollars in federal assistance to combat crime in hundreds of cities deemed santuary cities is "dangerous legislation."

Donnie Chin: Friend, Community Leader, and a Hero

International Examiner, News Report, Bettie Luke, Posted: Jul 28, 2015

An outpouring of grief followed the news of the shooting death of Donnie Chin, the director of the International District Emergency Center.

Joyous Return for Defiant Vietnamese Farmer Robbed of Her Land

Vietnam Right Now, News Report, Posted: Jul 28, 2015

A woman sentenced to fifteen months in prison in one of Vietnam’s most bitterly contested land disputes has been released to a tumultuous welcome after completing her sentence.

How Being a Kenyan American and an African American Has Shaped Obama’s Presidency

The Root, News Report, Posted: Jul 28, 2015

The two sides of the president give him an immigrant outlook on America—a side that has emphasized respectability and hard work—as well as an African-American understanding of the structural racism that exists in the U.S.

LA County Supervisors Vote to Boost Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour

Asian Journal, News Report, Posted: Jul 28, 2015

LA cities like Santa Monica and West Hollywood are considering their own wage hikes. Many other local cities—such as Glendale, Pasadena, Santa Clarita, Torrance and Long Beach—have yet to decide whether to boost wages.

Report: Media Companies Funding Anti-Immigrant Candidates

La Opinión, News Report, Posted: Jul 28, 2015

A recent report finds that a group of national media and telecommunications companies are contributing funds to anti-immigrant policy makers.

Agencias federales y locales toman medidas enérgicas contra el fraude en ventas de autos

New America Media, News Report, George White, Posted: Jul 27, 2015

Agencias federales, estatales y locales continúan a reprimir a los timadores de ventas de automóviles que han estado estafando a los consumidores.

연방 및 지방 에이전시 자동차 세일 사기 엄중 단속

New America Media, News Report, 조지 화이트, Posted: Jul 27, 2015

연방, 주, 로컬 정부 기관은 최근 지속적인 자동차 세일관련 사기꾼들을 척결하기 위한 엄중 단속에 들어갔다.

Keystone XL: Horse Riders From the Four Directions Join in Protest in Pierre, South Dakota

Indian Country News, News Feature, ICTMN Staff, Posted: Jul 27, 2015

This project poses too much risk to the people, lands and water for it to be approved.

Japanese Americans Denounced Remarks by General Wesley Clark

Rafu Shimpo, News Report, Posted: Jul 27, 2015

We reject Gen. Clark’s call for incarcerating anyone based on their beliefs. We cannot allow such a gross violation of constitutional rights to happen again, to anyone.

Bobbi Kristina Brown 1993-2015

The Root, News Report, Posted: Jul 27, 2015

Bobbi Kristina Brown, 22, the only child from the marriage of music legend Whitney Houston and R&B singer Bobby Brown has died.

API Community Expresses Grief, Frustration Following Donnie Chin’s Murder

International Examiner, News Report, Posted: Jul 27, 2015

Donnie Chin, director of International District Emergency Center (IDEC), was killed by gunfire early Thursday morning, July 23, while in his car at 8th Avenue and South Lane Street in the International District.

Vietnamese Blogger “Beaten and Arrested” at Nha Trang Vigil

Vietnam Right Now, News Report, Posted: Jul 27, 2015

Human rights campaigners attempted to hold gatherings in cities across Vietnam, supported by similar rallies by overseas Vietnamese communities in the United States and Australia.

After Charleston Shooting, Churches Stay Vigilant

Richmond Pulse, News Report, Nancy DeVille, Posted: Jul 25, 2015

Churches are trying to figure out where to draw the line between welcoming strangers and protecting their flock.

Richmond Is First Calif City in Decades to Pass Rent Control

Richmond Pulse, News Report, Malcolm Marshall, Posted: Jul 24, 2015

Supporters said the move will defend low-income renters from rising Bay Area rents forcing them out of their homes.

AL DÍA News: We Will Not Stand Down

AL DÍA News, Editorial, Staff, Posted: Jul 24, 2015

Editors of AL DÍA News respond to a recent column in the Philadelphia Daily News and that took aim at the media outlet.

How Tharoor's Suave Oxford Speech United a Polarized India

New America Media, Commentary, Sandip Roy, Posted: Jul 24, 2015

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor’s video of a speech at an Oxford Union Society debate arguing that Britain owes reparations has gone viral.

From Nanodiamonds to Car Service, South Asian Businesses Find Senior Market

Siliconeer/New America Media , News Feature, Amar D. Gupta , Posted: Jul 24, 2015

South Asian entrepreneurs with nanodiamond technology or a car service are finding gold in the Silver Economy of aging boomers.

National Latino Groups Denounce Anti-Sanctuary City House Bill

Latin Post, News Report, Posted: Jul 23, 2015

National Latino advocacy groups are calling on the House not to pass a bill that generalizes Latino immigrants for political gain.

Poll: Americans Divided After Supreme Court Gay Marriage Ruling

Asian Journal, News Report, Posted: Jul 23, 2015

The landmark decision has left Americans sharply divided, according to a new poll from the Associated Press.

It’s Time for Asian American Voters to Be a Part of the Solution

International Examiner, Commentary, Sharon Maeda, Posted: Jul 23, 2015

In Washington’s Asian Pacific Islander American communities, only 50 percent of all eligible APIAs are even registered to vote.

Call for California Asians and Hispanics to Show United Front on Health4All

New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Posted: Jul 22, 2015

Health care advocates are celebrating California’s recent “landmark victory” in getting its undocumented children health care, but there's more to be done.

'Light You Up’ Cop Threatens to Use Taser on Sandra Bland in New Dash-Cam Video

The Root, News Report, Posted: Jul 22, 2015

New dashboard-camera footage has been released showing Sandra Bland's ill-fated police stop July 10. In the video she is shown arguing with a Texas state trooper over being stopped, an argument that escalates when the officer becomes upset that Bland is not putting out her cigarette. The officer forces Bland from her car after threatening to "light" her up with a Taser.

Hanoi Tree Campaigners in “Partial Victory”

Vietnam Right Now, News Feature, Staff, Posted: Jul 22, 2015

The old trees, many dating from the French colonial period, have been replaced by thin saplings – many of which have withered and died in the summer heat.

Vietnamese Dissidents Optimistic on Amnesty

Vietnam Right Now, News Report, Posted: Jul 22, 2015

The Public Security Ministry said up to 17,000 prisoners would be released to mark National Day on September 2 – the largest ever such amnesty.

How I Traveled The World Without Leaving Long Beach

Voice Waves, News Feature, Cindy Maldonado, Posted: Jul 22, 2015

Earlier this year, Long Beach was again named one of the most diverse cities in the nation, so here's a report from Voice Waves.

California: Over Half of Latinos Living in Poverty

La Opinión, Editorial, Posted: Jul 21, 2015

A report by United Way of California finds that over 50 percent of Latinos struggle to meet basic needs.

Immigration Detainers Require Probable Cause

La Opinión, News Report, Posted: Jul 21, 2015

An appeals court ruled Friday that immigration authorities need probable cause in order to issue an immigration detainer.

Study Says New Orleans is 90% Back to pre-Katrina Status

Louisiana Weekly, News Report, Posted: Jul 21, 2015

Orleans Parish may not yet enjoy the 465,000 population it had prior to the evacuations of August 26, 2005, but a new study by the New Orleans Data Center may be on track to return to that number.

Closing Education Gap Would Boost U.S. Economy: White House

NNPA, News Feature, Posted: Jul 21, 2015

Men of color would earn $170 billion more a year, if they reached the same education level as White men, according to a new White House report.

Teach for America Developing New Generation of Asian American Pacific Islander Teachers

Asam News, News Report, Posted: Jul 21, 2015

Nationally, less than 1.5 percent of teachers are Asian American and Pacific Islander, according to Teach for America.

North Korean World Cup Delegate’ Bribes FIFA President with Shower of Cash

Koream Magazine, News Report, Posted: Jul 20, 2015

Five-term FIFA president Sepp Blatter was set to announce a special election for his replacement to be held in February of next year, but the press conference on early Monday didn’t go exactly as planned.

In Cuba, ‘Creeping Capitalism’ Arrives

New America Media, News Analysis, Louis Nevaer, Posted: Jul 20, 2015

Unlike Mexico after NAFTA, Cuba is keeping multinationals out, opening up an opportunity for local businesses.

Muslim Community Responds to Knoxville Shooting

AsAmNews, News Report, Posted: Jul 20, 2015

The recent killing of five military personnel in Chattanooga, TN by Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez has bought a renewed sense of urgency in the Muslim American community.

Black Christians, Muslims Unite Around Burned Churches

Washington Informer, News Report, Posted: Jul 20, 2015

Since July 2, the Respond With Love campaign has raised more than $66,000 and counting toward rebuilding the churches.

Why African Americans Should Be 1st in Line to Cuba

The Root, News Report, Posted: Jul 20, 2015

As the U.S. Embassy opens in Havana for the first time in 54 years, we should learn the history that ties black Americans to the black population of the island.

Human Trafficking: One of the Top Three Crimes Against Native Women

Indian Country, News Feature, Lynn Armitage, Posted: Jul 20, 2015

Human trafficking is a multi-billion-dollar, international criminal industry, and there’s plenty of it going on under our noses.

Calif. Measure Would Allow Work Permits for Immigrant Farm Workers

Asian Journal, News Report, Allyson Escobar, Posted: Jul 20, 2015

California lawmakers are considering a measure to allow work permits for undocumented farmworkers.

All Indian Pueblo Center’s Mural Tour Educates Visitors Through Heritage Arts

Navajo Times/New America Media, News Feature, Colleen Keane , Posted: Jul 18, 2015

All Indian Pueblo Cultural Center recently rolled out a weekly tour of their historic murals to share the rich history with the public.

Obama Unveils Quicker Family Reunification for Filipino WWII Vets, News Report, Anthony Advincula, Posted: Jul 17, 2015

The White House announced it will expedite the process of bringing certain family members of Filipino veterans of World War II to the United States.

Some DACA Recipients Must Return 3-Year Work Permit for 2-Year Version, News Report, Cecile Caguingin Ochoa, Posted: Jul 17, 2015

USCIS is contacting some DACA recipients who mistakenly received three-year work permits.

Dressing Up Homophobia: Subhash Jha and Bollywood's Gay Kiss of Death

New America Media, Commentary, Sandip Roy, Posted: Jul 17, 2015

Gays have been blamed for many different things – 9/11, tsunami, Hurricane Katrina. Now we can apparently add some Bollywood acting careers to the list.

Will Commercialization Be Obama’s Legacy on Aging?

New America Media, News Analysis, Paul Kleyman, Posted: Jul 17, 2015

Marking Monday’s White House Conference on Aging were important new initiatives, but little sign of key issues and major participation by commercial interests.

In World's Largest Female Prison, Inmates Organize for Health

We'Ced , News Feature, Claudia J. Gonzalez, Posted: Jul 16, 2015

Opened in 1990, CCWF has 2,004 beds, and is currently at 155 percent capacity. Twenty inmates are currently on death row.

Proposed Korean American National Museum to Stand Seven Stories

Korean Times, News Report, Posted: Jul 15, 2015

A new seven-story design has been chosen for the proposed Korean American National Museum (KANM).

Indian Guest Workers to Receive $20 Million in Settlement With Signal Int’l

India West, News Report, Posted: Jul 15, 2015

Bringing an end to one of the largest-ever human trafficking cases in U.S. history, shipping giant Signal International LLC agreed July 12 to settle 11 lawsuits for a total of $20 million on behalf of 200 Indian guest workers who were brought to the U.S. in 2006 to repair the Hurricane Katrina-ravaged Gulf Coast and forced to live and work in squalid conditions.

Obama Took Big Steps Toward Ending Grotesque Drug Sentencing Laws

New America Media, News Report, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Posted: Jul 15, 2015

Obama doubled down on that first big step he took two years later with his grant of clemency to forty-six offenders who for the most part were behind bars for drug crimes.

Vietnamese Rapper, Youth Activist Nguyen Phi Detained by Security Police, News Report, Posted: Jul 15, 2015

On July 11, Vietnamese youths prepared to attend an open meetup in Saigon, something they had been planning publicly for days. Outfitted in zombie t-shirts, they made their way to the meeting location on Nguyễn Huệ Boulevard in the middle of District 1, only to unexpectedly encounter security police.

BOSTON: Gentrification Hits Elders on Housing Costs

Bay State Banner/New America Media , News Report, Sandra Larson , Posted: Jul 15, 2015

As gentrification drives Boston’s boom, some elders are safe, but others find themselves vulnerable.

Iran Won the Vienna Accords By Agreeing to Stop What It Never Was Doing

New America Media, Commentary, William O. Beeman, Posted: Jul 14, 2015

Iran was able to win because it was very easy for it to bluff, by giving up activities in which it had never engaged and never intended to engage.

Heroin Use on The Rise Among Women and the Wealthy

Louisiana Weekly, News Report, Posted: Jul 14, 2015

The face of heroin addiction in the United States is changing, as well-off abusers of prescription painkillers switch to illicit narcotics to feed their habit, federal officials reported last week.

Kim Jong-un to Grant Large-Scale Pardon to Prisoners, Hopes to Relieve Public Fear

Korea Times, News Report, Posted: Jul 14, 2015

North Korea will grant special pardons next month in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Korea’s liberation from Japanese colonial rule and the foundation of the Workers’ Party (WP).

DHS Releases Detained Asylum Seekers

Women's Refugee Commission, News Report, Posted: Jul 14, 2015

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced the release of families who have been detained while seeking asylum in the United States.

Obama Commutes Sentences for 46 Nonviolent Drug Offenders

Washington Informer, News Report, Posted: Jul 14, 2015

President Obama commuted Monday the prison sentences of 46 nonviolent drug offenders, saying they were not "hardened criminals" and their punishments were too harsh for the crimes they were convicted of.

BOSTON: Rents Put Squeeze on Black, Chinese Elders

Bay State Banner/New America Media , News Report, Sandra Larson , Posted: Jul 13, 2015

Boston’s African American South End and Chinatown have been hard hit as luxury units displace affordable apartments, forcing out many elders.

Humanitarian Truce in Yemen Fails

Arab American News, News Analysis, Posted: Jul 13, 2015

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is "very much disappointed" that a humanitarian pause in fighting in Yemen didn't take hold, his spokesman said on Monday, after Saudi Arabia did not recognize the truce and continued air strikes.

Congress Overreaching: Navajo Housing Takes Second Big Hit

Indian Country, News Analysis, Posted: Jul 13, 2015

The Navajo Nation is fighting a second multi-million dollar hit to its housing budget this year, and the latest one is raising an alarm about overreach, by Congress, into Indian affairs.

New Orleans Murder Toll Continues to Rise in 2015

Louisiana Weekly, News Report, Posted: Jul 13, 2015

The July 3 shooting death of an NOPD officer’s daughter, two weeks days after the murder of NOPD Officer Daryle Holloway, underscores the city’s ongoing struggles to get a handle on rising violent crime and to boost the police department’s ranks

‘Minions’ Maker Illumination Ent. Partners with South Korean Animation Studio

Koream, News Report, Posted: Jul 13, 2015

Illumination Entertainment, the production company behind Minions and Despicable Me, has signed a first-look deal with South Korean animation studio Mofac Alfred, reports Deadline.

The Ghosts of Bosnia: Genocide Deniers Rob Mourners of Peace

New America Media, Commentary, Sarah Wagner, Posted: Jul 13, 2015

Violence broke out in a place of peace and mourning, interrupting the grief of surviving families.

Banh Mi: The Rise of the Vietnamese Sandwich

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam, Posted: Jul 13, 2015

Vietnamese sandwiches, or bánh mì, were street food long before street food became an obsession with foodies.

Indian American Elders in U.S. Recreate Home From Florida to California

India Currents/New America Media , News Feature, Sarita Sarvate , Posted: Jul 12, 2015

New retirement-living developments for Indian American seniors in the U.S. are creating an atmosphere of shared culture, camaraderie and companionship.

How ACA is Changing Chronic Care at Hospitals

Philadelphia Inquirer/New America Media , News Feature, Mark Taylor , Posted: Jul 10, 2015

Obamacare is accelerating changes in how hospitals treat patients with chronic conditions like diabetes, heart failure and obesity.

SC Legislature Passes Bill to Take Confederate Flag Off Statehouse Grounds

The Root, News Report, Posted: Jul 09, 2015

The South Carolina House of Representatives passed its third and final vote early Thursday morning in favor of removing the flag.

Baltimore Mayor Fires Police Commissioner Anthony Batts in Wake of Riots, Violence

Washington Informer, News Report, Posted: Jul 09, 2015

Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts has been fired, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake announced Wednesday.

Coalition’s Race-Based Complaint Against Harvard Dismissed

Koream Journal, News Report, Posted: Jul 09, 2015

The U.S. Department of Education has dismissed the complaint brought by a group of 64 Asian American groups claiming that Harvard discriminated against Asian Americans and other ethnicities during its admissions process.

Disney Removing Bill Cosby Statue From Hollywood Studios Theme Park

The Root, News Report, Posted: Jul 08, 2015

The day after unsealed court documents revealed Bill Cosby’s admission that he bought drugs to give women for sex, Disney stated that it would remove the bust from the Hall of Flame Plaza at Hollywood Studios.

Computer Glitches Cripple Wall Street, United Airlines

Washington Informer, News Report, Posted: Jul 08, 2015

The New York Stock Exchange stopped trading on Wednesday morning, saying it was experiencing computer glitches.

For Chinese Elders, Hospitals Innovate With Language, Staff--and Video Games

World Journal/New America Media , News Feature, Richard Lee, Posted: Jul 08, 2015

Older Chinese immigrants find U.S. health care challenging, but San Francisco-area hospitals created new programs, including one using video games.

On Yale Campus, Chinese Farmers Grow Alongside Students

Sing Tao Daily, News Report, Sing Tao Staff, Posted: Jul 08, 2015

Other than the 680 students from China on the Yale campus, another group of Chinese citizens occupies the university: Seniors, such as Zhang Zaixian, 63, for whom the school provided small plots of land for vegetable farming.

SF Killing Revives Attack on 'Sanctuary Cities'

La Opinión, News Analysis, Mary Ballesteros-Coronel, Translated by Elena Shore, Posted: Jul 07, 2015

Sanctuary cities are once again under attack, this time as a result of the recent killing of Kathryn Steinle, 32, in San Francisco.

Gay Marriage Still Illegal for Navajo

Fusion, News Report, Jorge Rivas, Posted: Jul 07, 2015

The Supreme Court’s ruling has no legal impact on the Navajo or any of the 566 federally-recognized tribes in the United States.

Spotting Scams

The Westside Source, Video, Frank Latin, Posted: Jul 07, 2015

Some of the most vulnerable communities are college students, low income individuals, African Americans and immigrants.

New NNPA Chair: ‘We’re Going to Flex Our Muscles’, News Analysis, Hazel Trice Edney , Posted: Jul 07, 2015

When America’s first black newspaper was published on March 16, 1827, black people were still enslaved. Nearly two centuries later, the issues of Black America — though not as severe as human bondage — are still urgent and continue to belie America’s promise of freedom and justice for all.

Town Copes With Retirement Trend of Friendly, But Sparse Rural Living

Spokesman-Review/New America Media , News Feature, Erica Curless , Posted: Jul 07, 2015

As U.S. retirees seek the peaceable pace of rural towns, places like Republic, Wash., look to each other to solve for mutual support.

Connecting the Uninsured

Richmond Pulse, News Report, Ann Bassette, Posted: Jul 06, 2015

Tens of thousands of Contra Costa County residents are uninsured and worried about their health.

California Residents Decrease Water Use

Asian Journal, News Report, Alyson Escobar, Posted: Jul 06, 2015

Amidst a statewide weary drought, California officials announced that residential water use had dropped 29 percent in May—the first real indication that the state might meet unprecedented conservation reductions imposed by Governor Jerry Brown.

Future of California's Economy in Hands of Latinos

We’Ced Youth Media, News Report, Claudia J. Gonzalez, Posted: Jul 06, 2015

Fewer than two in 10 working Latinos in California have a college degree.

Old and Off the Grid--Facing Cancer in the Rugged Northwest

Spokesman-Review/New America Media , Profile, Erica Curless , Posted: Jul 05, 2015

Despite fighting cancer in rural Washington State, Bob Faller, 79, remains fiercely independent, defying the system with help from alternative medicine, yoga and his wife, Jane.

La Opinión: Trump and the Limits of Latino Power

La Opinión, Editorial, Staff, Posted: Jul 02, 2015

The problem is that, whether we like it or not, Trump's message resonates with the Republican base.

Countering Trump's Racist Comments With Actual Facts

Latino Rebels, News Analysis, Staff, Posted: Jul 02, 2015

Donald Trump's comments have the Latino digital space speaking out in ways we have never seen before.

The Slow March of Mass Haitian Deportation: Is Dominican Immigration Policy Being Obamafied?

Latino Rebels, News Feature, Roberto Lovato, Posted: Jul 02, 2015

The Dominican agency at the center of criticism was created with help from the U.S. Border Patrol and Department of Homeland Security.

Big Apple’s Sunnyside Supports Latinos & Other Caregivers

WBAI/HealthCetera/New America Media , News Feature, Liz Seegert , Posted: Jul 02, 2015

Latinos make up over 60% of seniors at New York’s Sunnyside Community Services, and their model approach provides many culturally appropriate programs.

Who is Burning America’s Black Churches---And Why?

New America Media, Commentary, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Posted: Jul 01, 2015

Thirty-seven black churches in the South have been torched in the last 18 months.

Fox News vs. Fox News Latino: NBC Dumps Trump Edition

Media Matters for America, News Report, Rachel Calvert, Posted: Jul 01, 2015

Fox News and Fox News Latino covered NBC's decision to sever ties with Donald Trump in dramatically different ways.

Family Eldercare: Survival in the Big Apple

WBAI/HealthCetera/New America Media , News Feature, Liz Seegert , Posted: Jul 01, 2015

There are 1.5 million seniors in the Naked City--increasing and more diverse than ever, as their caregivers face growing frustration with the lack of multicultural services.