Filipinos Now Health-Conscious, Says Latest Poll

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FILIPINOS were found to be health-conscious at the end of 2015 with three out of five individuals citing staying healthy an urgent personal concern, according to a new Pulse Asia survey.

The survey also showed most respondents’ national concerns were issues related to the economy.
The survey, conducted from Dec. 4 to 11, also found that between September and December, public assessment of the performance of the Aquino administration on addressing urgent national concerns mostly remained constant, with only one majority approval rating—on the issue of protecting the welfare of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs)—recorded last year.

On both the personal and national concerns survey, Pulse Asia asked 1,800 respondents—voters aged 18 and above—to cite three urgent concerns from the lists provided. They were also allowed to mention other concerns not on the lists.

The survey used a margin of error of plus-or-minus 2 percentage points.


Most urgent concern

Cited the most urgent personal concern by 62 percent of the respondents, down from 66 percent in November 2014, was staying healthy and avoiding illnesses.

The second most often mentioned urgent concern was completing one’s education (48 percent from 49 percent). Two other concerns deemed urgent were having a secure job (43 percent) and having enough to eat daily (41 percent).

Other urgent personal concerns included having some savings (remained at 39 percent) and having a house and lot (remained at 37 percent). Avoiding being a crime victim was cited by 30 percent (from 28 percent).

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