Hanoi Government Finds No Evidence of Contamination from Formosa

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The Vietnamese government says it has found no evidence so far that an industrial plant was responsible for the mass poisoning of fish along the country’s central coastline.

Vietnamese media have been pointing the finger at a steel mill run by a subsidiary of the Taiwanese conglomerate, Formosa, alleging that it discharged toxic chemicals from a sewage disposal pipe.

The deputy minister for the environment, Vo Tuan Nhan, told a press conference that no link had been found between emissions from the steel plant and the contamination.

“This is a complicated issue that had happened in many places around the world, requiring time to identify causes,” he said.


“It is necessary to research the cause systematically, fundamentally and in a fact based way.”

Tonnes of fish have been washing up along the shore of four central provinces since early this month. Subsistence fishermen and the owners of fish farms have suffered a devastating loss of income.

There’s concern that Vietnam’s entire $7 billion seafood industry could be in jeopardy.

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