Anger and Suspicion at Slow Response to Disaster

Vietnam Right Now, News Report, Posted: Apr 30, 2016

Hundreds of tonnes of fish are believed to have been killed in a so far unexplained environmental catastrophe that has already affected tens of thousands of people and could have damaging consequences for the national economy.

In Bangladesh, Dial Facebook for Murder

Newslaundry, Commentary, Sandip Roy, Posted: Apr 29, 2016

News that two LGBT activists had been murdered in cold blood in Dhaka was followed by a Facebook page hailing the attackers as heroes.

With Aging and Illness, Some LGBT People Opt for the Closet

New America Media, News Report, Ellen Rand, Posted: Apr 29, 2016

Anti-LGBT bias in senior care homes and health facilities is forcing many back into the closet after decades to hide their sexual orientation.

Diluting the Latino Vote in CA's Central Valley

South Kern Sol, News Report, Marcus Castro, Posted: Apr 28, 2016

One of the nation’s leading civil rights organizations has filed a lawsuit against Kern County for violating the 1965 Federal Voting Rights Act.

Homes Without Dads -- The Hurt That Will Not Heal

New America Media, News Feature, Lottie L. Joiner, Posted: Apr 28, 2016

Sociologists often can point to the adverse behaviors associated with father absenteeism, the psychologists are trying to figure out why.

Muslim Couple Found Murdered in California Home

Arab American News, News Report, Posted: Apr 27, 2016

It is unclear where Haseeb Rabbi has been since his parents were found shot to death; Shamima's body was found near the laundry room.

Obama Announces Visit to Flint, Mich., in Letter to 8-Year-Old Girl

The Root, News Report, Posted: Apr 27, 2016

President Barack Obama is headed to Flint, Mich., to speak to residents about the water-contamination crisis and receive an in-person briefing on federal efforts in place to assist the people, the White House announced Wednesday.

Hanoi Government Finds No Evidence of Contamination from Formosa

Vietnam Right Now, News Report, Posted: Apr 27, 2016

onnes of fish have been washing up along the shore of four central provinces since early this month. Subsistence fishermen and the owners of fish farms have suffered a devastating loss of income.

Moms Say Dental Care Tops List for Medi-Cal Kids-- Dentists Are MIA

New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Posted: Apr 27, 2016

For undocumented parents getting dental care for their children is top priority. They say that will be the main reason they will enroll their children in full-scope Medi-Cal next month.

Old and Homeless: Aging Hard and Fast on Spokane’s Streets

Spokane Spokesman-Review/New America Media , News Report, Tyler Tjomsland, Posted: Apr 27, 2016

Grow old along the streets--the worst is yet to be. Homeless outreach workers are witnessing the accelerated aging of Spokane’s poorest seniors.

DACA Opens Door to Health Care

New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Posted: Apr 26, 2016

Among the benefits of DACA in California is the ability to access the health care program Medi-Cal.

El Diario La Prensa, Oldest Spanish-Language Daily in U.S., Prepares to Say 'Adiós'

Fox News Latino, News Report, Soni Sangha, Posted: Apr 26, 2016

El Diario La Prensa is fighting for its life.

Long Beach Orgs Prepare for Launch of Health4All Kids

Long Beach VoiceWaves, News Report, Rebecca Medel, Posted: Apr 26, 2016

Community orgs in Central West Long Beach, home to the highest concentration of undocumented immigrants in LA County, are preparing for the launch of SB4. In preparation for the start of SB4 next month, the Long Beach Immigrant Rights Coalition (LBIRC) is partnering with The Children’s Clinic and the City of Long Beach’s Health and Human Services to enroll community members.

Marijuana: Arab Smokers, Religious Scholars Weigh In

Arab American News, News Feature, Samer Hijazi, Posted: Apr 26, 2016

The older generation of Muslims and Arabs are quick to call a cannabis smoker a "hashash," which in English roughly translates to "fiend" or "high on."

Report on 43 Missing Students Conflicts with Mexico's Official Version

La Opinion, Editorial, Staff, Posted: Apr 25, 2016

Editors of La Opinion write that all the signs of impunity and judicial incompetence are present.

L.A. Community Groups: Parks Are an Environmental Justice Issue

New America Media, News Report, George White, Posted: Apr 25, 2016

In the wake of a 2014 LA County proposition vote that narrowly rejected a ballot measure that would have funded future maintenance and improvements of parks,

‘Berniechella’ Attracts Hundreds to Coachella

Coachella Unincorporated, News Report, Paulina Rojas, Posted: Apr 25, 2016

The normally quiet streets of Old Town Coachella buzzed with energy during the Bernie Sanders for President Block Party, also known as Berniechella.

Sentences Drastically Reduced for Ex-Cops Found Guilty in Katrina Bridge

Louisiana Weekly, News Report, Posted: Apr 25, 2016

Nearly 11 years after they gunned down unarmed civilians on a bridge in eastern New Orleans less than a week after Hurricane Katrina, five former cops awaiting new trials in the shooting that left two civilians dead and four others wounded accepted plea deals and had their sentences drastically reduced.

My Year on the Road With Prince

The Root, First Person, Posted: Apr 25, 2016

After his death, Harriette Cole recalls the joy of spending many hours with the brilliant, passionate, visionary artist.

Calls for Urgent Response to Environmental Disaster in Vietnam

Vietnam Right Now, News Report, Posted: Apr 25, 2016

The Vietnamese government is under pressure to take decisive action as the scale of the environmental disaster off the central coast becomes apparent.

SF Dist. Attorney: Police Union Messaging on Prop. 47 'Disingenuous'

New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Posted: Apr 24, 2016

San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon said that the recent spike in property crimes in the city has little to do with Prop. 47.

Educators Routinely Ignore a Captive Audience - Schools in Juvenile Hall Get an ‘F’

New America Media, News Report, Anna Challet, Posted: Apr 22, 2016

In California, the schools for kids detained in the juvenile justice system are failing at the job of educating young people in detention.

Study: With New Medicare Benefit, Doctors Look Beyond ‘Death Panels’

New America Media, News Report, Paul Kleyman, Posted: Apr 22, 2016

Medicare now reimburses doctors for consulting on patients’ end-of-life wishes. But a new study shows diverse physicians struggling over that conversation.

Creative Advocacy in Action: Mental Wellness Journeys

Young Minds Advocacy, Commentary, Astrea Somarriba, Posted: Apr 21, 2016

On Saturday, Young Minds journeyed to Youth In Mind’s Oakland office to facilitate a “Creative Advocacy” art workshop.

BREAKING: Prince Dead at 57

Ebony, News Report, Posted: Apr 21, 2016

The iconic superstar singer and producer, who changed the face of pop music itself, was found dead in his suburban Minneapolis home Thursday morning

Government Tightens Campus Controls in Vietnam

Vietnam Right Now, News Report, Posted: Apr 21, 2016

The government is introducing new rules that appear designed to stifle political activism on university campuses in Vietnam.

Why Clinton Ranks with Trump as the Most Disliked Candidates in History

New America Media, News Analysis, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Posted: Apr 21, 2016

Before she formally announced her presidential bid last April, she got overwhelmingly high popularity marks as a much admired public official.

Election Results Show Strong Opposition Among S. Koreans Abroad to Ruling Party

Korea Daily, News Report, Posted: Apr 20, 2016

Overseas South Korean voters were harder on the country’s ruling Saenuri party than voters within the country, according to the Korea Daily.

US Seeks China Guarantee: Don’t militarize South China Sea

Global Nation, News Report, Posted: Apr 20, 2016

The Pentagon on Tuesday called on China to reaffirm it has no plans to deploy military aircraft in the Spratly Islands after Beijing used a military plane to evacuate sick workers from a new airstrip on an island it has created in the disputed South China Sea.

Arab American Man Dies in Exchange of Gunfire in Detroit

Arab American News, News Report, Posted: Apr 20, 2016

An exchange of gunfire left one dead and another man in a critical condition in Detroit's West side on Monday. An accident connected to the shooting also injured three bystanders at a bus stop.

When Worlds Collide: Traditional People Are Moved Off Their Land

Indian Country Today, Commentary, Liza Gross, Posted: Apr 20, 2016

Anthropologists warned of the traumatic impacts of relocating traditional people with such strong ties to the land. The rest of us, for the most part, didn’t listen or didn’t care.

Analysis: Children Near Old LA Battery Plant Have Higher Lead Levels in Blood

Asian Journal , News Report, Posted: Apr 19, 2016

The study examined blood results from 12,000 children residing within 4.5 miles of the plant and accounted only those under 6 years old, as the group is at the greatest risk for adverse effects of lead, including learning disabilities and developmental problems.

Judge Sentences Peter Liang for Death of Akai Gurley

AsamNews, News Report, Shirley Lew, Posted: Apr 19, 2016

Just minutes ago, Judge Danny Chun handed down a sentence of 5 year probation and 800 hours of community service, but no house arrest for ex-NYPD Officer Peter Liang for the accidental shooting of Akai Gurley in November 2014.

Protection of Undocumented Immigrants from Deportation Appears at Risk after Supreme Court Hearing

AsAm News, News Report, Posted: Apr 19, 2016

Many analysts suspect the justices will split 4-4 on the issue, meaning a lower court ruling against DAPA would remain in effect. The court remains without a ninth justice due to the death of Antonin Scalia and the Republicans refusal to grant a hearing on Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland.

La Presidenta de la UC dice que la Clase de 2020 es la ‘Más Diversa que jamás ha habido’

New America Media, Question & Answer, Peter Schurmann, Posted: Apr 19, 2016

En una entrevista con New America Media, Janet Napolitano, presidenta de la UC, dijo que la propuesta de ley significa que Sacramento y la UC están "ahora trabajando en sociedad" para cumplir el objetivo de aumentar matrículas y diversidad. Sus respuestas se han recortado por su duración.

At SF ‘DACA-thon,’ Hacking Immigration with Doodles and Crazy Eights

New America Media, News Report, Anna Challet, Posted: Apr 19, 2016

Young people met in San Francisco to tackle a challenge: how to get more Bay Area residents to apply for DACA.

Iraqi Man Booted Off Southwest Flight for Speaking Arabic

Arab American News, News Report, Posted: Apr 18, 2016

Now a senior at UC Berkley, Makhzoomi was in Los Angeles attending a dinner at the Los Angeles World Affairs Council, an event that was also attended by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

Viet Thanh Nguyen Won the Pulitzer Prize for 2016 Fiction

Lit Hub, News Report, Posted: Apr 18, 2016

Last April, Nguyen released his blackly comic debut novel, The Sympathizer, the tale of a communist party spy who escapes Saigon for the United States, where he lives a double-existence—as a resident, and as a informer on a general who has landed in LA and runs a liquor store.

Modern Renaissance Man: Hyundai’s Newest Executive, Erwin Raphael

The Root, News Report, Posted: Apr 18, 2016

Erwin Raphael, the new U.S. general manager for Hyundai’s luxury brand, Genesis, specializes in challenges, whether in manufacturing, sales, math—or handling lions.

The Moment of Truth for Expanded DACA and DAPA

La Opinion, Editorial, Posted: Apr 18, 2016

Behind today's debate in the Supreme Court lies the future of millions of people who still live under the threat of deportation.

Compensating the Kindness of Strangers: Immigrant Care Workers in the Shadows

Boston Globe/New America Media , News Report, Nell Lake, Posted: Apr 18, 2016

Rapid aging and fewer family members for eldercare are increasing demand for paid workers. But immigrants filling the gap face low pay and anti-immigration hostility.

加州大學總校長表示 '2020畢業班最多元化'

New America Media, News Report, Peter Schurmann, Posted: Apr 15, 2016

加州州參議員狄里昂 (Kevin DeLeon) 剛引進一條議案,擴大社區學院、州立大學以及加州大學學額,以增加錄取低收入及少數族裔學生。

Black Parents Say ‘Make UC an Option’ for African Americans

New America Media, News Report, Brenda Payton, Posted: Apr 15, 2016

Affordability, campus climate and academic strength were among concerns raised by African American parents in conversation with UC President Janet Napolitano.

Q&A: UC 총장 2020년, '가장 다문화적' 대학으로 기대

New America Media, Question & Answer, Posted: Apr 15, 2016

최근 가주 상의원이 발표한 법안 SB1050에 대해, UC총장은 정부와의 협력을 통한 입학 및 소수민 학생입학 확대에 주력할 것을 말한다.

Canadian Dentists Expand Mission to Help Iraqi Orphans

New Canadian Media, News Report, Posted: Apr 15, 2016

Hossein is a 10-year-old Iraqi orphan with long hair, big olive-coloured eyes and a shy smile. He loves going to school and playing soccer. He also loves visiting his Canadian dentist for annual check-ups.

Ted Cruz and the 'Galician Curse'

New America Media, Commentary, Louis E.V. Nevaer, Posted: Apr 15, 2016

Ted Cruz’s political philosophy is cut from the same cloth as dictators in the Hispanic world, from Francisco Franco to Fidel Castro.

Sesame Street Introduces Hijabi Muppet

Arab American News, News Report, Posted: Apr 14, 2016

The character will be appearing regularly on Baghch-e-Simsim (“Sesame Garden”) — a Sesame Workshop children’s series that’s been on the air in Afghanistan since December of 2011. Dawud Walid, Executive Director for the Council of Arab Islamic Relations (CAIR) told CBS Detroit that American producers of the series should consider featuring Zari.

On Chicago’s West Side, No Rebound From The Recession

Chicago Reporter, News Feature, La Risa Lynch, Posted: Apr 14, 2016

Quaid Stephens can remove mold, asbestos and lead paint from buildings. He can even drive a forklift. He has nine training certificates, including one for CPR, but he still can’t find a job.

Tibetan Buddhism’s American Diaspora--To Woodstock

America Abroad/New America Media , News Feature, Karen Michel, Posted: Apr 14, 2016

As the Dalai Lama turns 80, nowhere has Tibetan Buddhism rooted more deeply than in America. Public radio’s Karen Michel profiles a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Woodstock, N.Y.

Korean Study: Retired Husbands Underfoot, Wives at Risk for Depression

Korea Daily News, News Report, Korea Daily News, Posted: Apr 14, 2016

A Korean study finds that a wife living with a retired husband has a 70 percent higher risk of depression compared to wife with a working husband.

Q&A: Who Will and Who Won’t Get Prop. 47 Funding?

New America Media, Question & Answer, Charlie Kaijo, Posted: Apr 13, 2016

The agency tasked with managing Prop. 47 funds meets this week to form an executive committee that will help decide which programs receive support.

Incarceration Rates of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders on the Rise

AsAm News, News Report, Posted: Apr 13, 2016

Contrary to popular belief – Asian Americans are not your stereotypical model minority. In fact— their incarceration rates are on the rise – totally debunking the model minority myth.

Fil-Am Berkeley Student Rues Slow Action vs. Sexual Harassment

Inquirer, News Report, Posted: Apr 13, 2016

An exasperated Fil-Am instructor and graduate student at the University of California (UC) in Berkeley emerged utterly disappointed from a meeting with her department’s faculty and a member of the school’s anti-sexual harassment committee.

Officer’s Name Released in Shooting of Navajo Woman

Navajo Times, News Report, Posted: Apr 13, 2016

Winslow Police Officer Austin Shipley, a three-year veteran of the Winslow Police Department, is the officer being investigated in connection with the shooting death of a Navajo woman.

French PM: The hijab Should Be Banned at Universities

Arab American News, News Report, Posted: Apr 13, 2016

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said Muslim headscarves should be banned from universities and that the majority of French people believe that the values of the Republic are incompatible with those of Islam. Valls told French newspaper Liberation: "It should be done" but conceded that the French constitution would make it difficult to do so.

Former Detroit Gang Member Now a Gang Peacemaker

Washington Informer, News Feature, Michael H. Cottman, Urban News Service , Posted: Apr 13, 2016

Ray Winans, once affectionately known as "Killer Ray," is helping reduce gun violence in Detroit — one gang member at a time.

The Other Jackie Robinson Story

New America Media, Commentary, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Posted: Apr 13, 2016

Like many then, Robinson at first regarded Malcolm X as an anti-Semitic, race-baiting demagogue and criticized his approach to racial problems.

Black and Latina Girls Walk Off Soccer Field at Wis. School After Taunts of ‘Donald Trump, Build That Wall’

The Root, News Report, Posted: Apr 12, 2016

The Elkhorn Area School District in Wisconsin is investigating claims of racially charged taunts made by a group of its students that were directed at soccer players from Beloit Memorial High School, WISC-TV reports.

I Want to work in Korea, but I Can’t Speak Korean fluently

Korea Daily, News Report, Posted: Apr 12, 2016

57.9 percent of third-generation Korean Americans desire to work in Korea and prefereably for a Korean company, according to a recent study.

With Huge Challenges in Foreign Policy Nuclear Summit a Small Win

New America Media, News Analysis, George Koo, Posted: Apr 12, 2016

At the just concluded nuclear summit, Obama welcomed more than 50 world leaders, emphasizing collaboration on the one hand and US unilateralism on the other.

FAIR!: Undocumented APIs Already With Us, More Dialogue Needed

I-Examiner, Question & Answer, Travis Quezon, Posted: Apr 12, 2016

The International Examiner caught up with Marissa Vichayapai, 21 Progress’ Asian & Pacific Islander DACA WA State Coordinator and FAIR!

USCIS Reaches H-1B Visa Cap in 7 Days; Will Use Lottery System

India West, News Report, Posted: Apr 11, 2016

The H-1B visa is offered primarily to those in highly-specialized technical fields, such as science, engineering and computer programming.

Prominent Dissident Denied Right to Stand for Election

Vietnam Right Now, News Report, Posted: Apr 11, 2016

An attempt by political activists to challenge for seats in next month’s legislative election has suffered its biggest setback, with the rejection of one of the campaign’s leading figures.

Huge Navajo Win for All Tribes: Exploiters of Tribal Names Slapped Down

Indian Country, News Report, Posted: Apr 11, 2016

The Navajo Nation has scored a significant victory regarding a legal issue that has been an ongoing irritation to many Indian nations: the use of tribal names as trade names for merchandise not authorized by the tribes, without paying royalties to the tribes, and sometimes flatly contrary to tribal values. Millions of dollars are at stake in Navajo Nation v. Urban Outfitters, with many more cases like it to come if the principles in the trial court decision stand.

University of Texas Student Murdered: Suspect Arrested

Rafu Shimpo, News Report, Rafu Staff Report, Posted: Apr 11, 2016

A body found March 5 on the University of Texas at Austin campus has been identified as that of Haruka Weiser, 18, a student at UT.

Texas Teacher Caught on Video Slapping Student and Calling Him ‘Idiot Ass’ Arrested

The Root, News Report, Posted: Apr 11, 2016

Hastings, 63, was arrested Friday and charged with assault. She was released on bail, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, NBC News reports.

Q&A: UC President Says Class of 2020 ‘Most Diverse Ever’

New America Media, Question & Answer, Peter Schurmann, Posted: Apr 11, 2016

UC President Napolitano says a new bill announced last week means Sacramento and the University are now "working in partnership" to expand enrollment opportunities.

Recognizing Postpartum Depression Can Help New Mothers and Their Babies

Korea Daily News, News Report, Korea Daily News, Posted: Apr 08, 2016

A Korean study found 85-90 percent of new mothers have signs of postpartum depression and recommends all mothers be screened potential problems.

In Wisconsin, Voter ID Law Shuts Out the Young and the Poor

New America Media, Question & Answer, Anna Challet, Posted: Apr 07, 2016

Despite a record turnout for the Wisconsin primary, the state's new voter ID law may have discouraged up to 300,000 voters. A fair elections advocate explains.

Real Cash & Questionable School Degrees: Protecting Diploma Seekers

New America Media, News Report, George White, Posted: Apr 07, 2016

Federal law enforcement agencies and their state-based watchdog partners are stepping up efforts to protect the integrity of academic degrees.

The Slow Demonization of Bernie Sanders

New America Media, News Report, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Posted: Apr 07, 2016

Sanders has been accused of propounding the big lie that he doesn’t take Super Pac money, whereas Clinton hauls it in by the bucketful.

Wisconsin Muslims Overwhelmingly Support Bernie Sanders

Arab American News , News Report, Posted: Apr 06, 2016

Sen. Bernie Sanders trounced Hillary Clinton in the Wisconsin primary Tuesday night, winning all but three of the state’s 72 counties.

Driving Change: Pakistani Women Find Autonomy in Canada

New Canadian Media, News Report, Posted: Apr 06, 2016

Fauzia shares that she found her passion for driving at a very young age, before she got married. For her, driving a public transport vehicle is a decision she could only have made here in Canada.

Hapas Soon to Be the Majority in the Japanese American Community

AsAmNews, News Report, Louis Chan, Posted: Apr 06, 2016

By 2020, just four years away, demographers says the majority of Japanese Americans will be multiracial/multiethnic.

America's Drug Wars and Its Black Victims

The Final Call, News Feature, Charlene Muhammad, Posted: Apr 06, 2016

Nixon aide admits Blacks were targeted but does anyone even care? The major question: Who will be held accountable?

New State Tax Credit Helps California’s Working Poor

New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Posted: Apr 05, 2016

Starting this year, California's working poor can potentially qualify for a tax credit under a new law.

Georgia Parents Want to Ban ‘Namaste’ from Classroom Yoga

India West, News Report, Posted: Apr 05, 2016

Over the past decade or so, a growing number of school systems across the U.S. have started using yoga and other mindfulness practices to help students deal with stress and increase focus on academics in the classroom.

Editorial: Victory for Children and Immigrants

La Opinión, Editorial, Posted: Apr 05, 2016

Children and immigrants are among the people who won a significant victory yesterday when the Supreme Court ratified that they must be counted when drawing voting districts, even if they cannot vote. The unanimous decision guarantees the current interpretation of “one person, one vote” for political representation.

The Price on Our Heads: New GapKids Ad Sparks Racially Charged Controversy

The Root, News Report, Posted: Apr 05, 2016

This Gap ad is what happens when black faces appear but no black voices are at the table.

AAPI Candidates Spread their Wings and Influence Across the United States

AsAmNews, News Report, Louis Chan, Posted: Apr 05, 2016

The number of Asian American voters is expected to grow by 107 percent by 2040, according to a study from the UCLA Center for Neighborhood Knowledge and APAICS.

Asian American Vying to Be Youngest Member of Congress Withdrawals from Race

AsAmNews, News Report, Posted: Apr 04, 2016

That leaves Mike Parrish as the only Democrat left in the race. Li had previously declared her candidacy in the 7th Congressional District near Philadelphia, but she would have faced two other Democratic candidates and if she had won the primary, a 3-term Republican incumbent

Muslim-Americans Need to Engage in Rigorous Self-Analysis

New America Media, Commentary, Hasan Zillur Rahim, Posted: Apr 04, 2016

We must shun religious chauvinism and reject the culture of victimhood and embrace the culture of self-assurance.

Four Dissidents Jailed as Crackdown Continues in Vietnam

Vietnam Right Now , News Report, Posted: Apr 02, 2016

The three farmers were convicted on the same charge, under Article 88 of the penal code, which is often used to suppress government critics.

Finding Support for Seniors Facing Challenges Living Alone

U.S. News & World Report/New America Media , News Feature, Lisa Esposito, Posted: Apr 01, 2016

Here’s a guide to help seniors living alone--and their adult children--anticipate needs and pull together help from home care to home meals.