Editorial: #NeverTrump

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In an editorial titled #NuncaTrump (#NeverTrump), editors of La Opinión write that it is still possible to stop Donald Trump, who is now the presumed presidential candidate of the Republican Party, from becoming president of the United States.

“A populist without preparation or knowledge, without experience in the government, without concrete ideas or a team capable of producing them, without respect for rivals within his own party or for international leaders, is one election away from being the most powerful ruler on the planet,” the editorial states.

“Like populist leaders of the past,”editors write, “Trump captivates the white working class and a majority of men – promising the unattainable. He chooses a target for hatred, like Mexicans, Mexico, Muslims, women, accusing them of all wrongs.”

“History is full of people who came to power in this way. And when they don’t fulfill their promises, they blame others for their failure and start a dangerous cycle of aggression and imaginary vengeance.”
To prevent Trump from becoming president, editors write, Republicans of conscience, whether conservative or moderate, must denounce him and promise they will never vote for him.

“We are at a dangerous moment for the democratic principles of the Republic. An unscrupulous man could end up being its leader. This is more possible than we ever imagined. Republicans of principle must avoid supporting him and unite under the slogan #NuncaTrump, in order to defend their own principles, the people who live here and the future of the country,” the editorial concludes. “It's still possible.”

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