Journalist Group to Call for Investigation to be Reopened into the Murders of 5 Vietnamese American Journalists

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The Committee to Protect Journalists will hold a news conference this week to call on police to reopen the cases of five Vietnamese American journalists murdered between 1981 and 1990.

The murders were the subject of a Frontline/Pro Publica documentary which aired in November and can still be seen in its entirety online.

Using information compiled from a Freedom of Information Act request, reporter AC Thompson revealed the FBI believed the National United Front for the Liberation of Vietnam was linked to the violence and that the murders were political.

The killings took place in in San Francisco, Houston, Garden Grove, Fairfax County and Bailey’s Crossroad. The last two are both in Virginia.

Among those scheduled to speak at the news conference is Tu Nguyen, the son of Nguyen Dam Phong, a publisher and reporter murdered in 1982.

You can watch the emotional moment when Frontline/Pro Publica presented Nguyen evidence of who killed his father in this clip.

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