Police Break Up Demonstrations in Vietnam Over Environmental Disaster- Many Arrested

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The police have broken up demonstrations in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City which were called to protest against the government’s response to the environmental disaster off the central coast.


Police surrounded protesters before moving in to make the arrests in Ho Chi Minh City

Witnesses said as many as 200 protesters appeared to have been detained in Ho Chi Minh City.

Marchers carrying banners and shouting slogans were surrounded by officers and bundled into buses before being driven to the Hoa Lu sports stadium near the city centre.

The area around the stadium was sealed off by police.

This mother and her child were among the dozens beaten as police moved in to make the arrests

Video footage from the scene showed officers beating some of the protesters, who were marching to demand government transparency over a disaster that has seen tonnes of dead fish wash up on beaches in central provinces.

A number of the injured were taken to hospital.

About 100 people were also reported to have been arrested in Hanoi. The police rounded up the protesters before they could begin their march, detaining many leading activists in the growing campaign to demand more government accountability.

The government has yet to announce the cause of the disaster more than a month after piles of dead fish began appearing along 200 kilometres of shoreline.

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