Indian American California Attorney General Kamala Harris Endorsed by Obama, Biden in Senate Race

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LOS ANGELES — President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden July 19 endorsed California Attorney General Kamala Harris to be the state's next U.S. senator.

In a statement, the president called Harris "a lifelong courtroom prosecutor with only one client: the people of the state of California."

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"Kamala's experience has taught her that if you're going to give everybody a fair shot, you've got to take on the special interests that too often stand in the way of progress," Obama said.

He added that Harris "fights for us."

The dual endorsements represent a political coup for the Indian American candidate, who faces fellow Democrat Loretta Sanchez, a 10-term congresswoman, in November.

But they are not a surprise.

While Obama occasionally wades into state-level politics, Harris and the president are longtime friends. In 2013, Obama apologized to her after telling a group of wealthy donors in Silicon Valley that she is the "best-looking attorney general."

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