La Opinión: Against Violence, For Tolerance

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The deaths of three police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana are deepening racial tensions that have reached one of their worst points in decades. They also add to the string of sad situations that have strongly affected law enforcement.

With these deaths, the number of police officers murdered during shootings this year is 31—a growing phenomenon that isn’t ending.

At the same time, the voices of those who exploit deep racial divisions are strengthening, all with the presidential campaigns in full swing.

We reiterate our call for both parties to echo a message of unity that benefits everyone. We condemn those who take advantage of these incidents to gain followers and votes in a tense environment.

We also join those who are calling for sanity and promoting reasonable, peaceful solutions that derail agitators and intolerant people.

The start of the political conventions, the Republican Party’s this Monday in Cleveland and the Democratic Party’s on the 25th in Philadelphia, is the perfect time for the political class to take the fierce bull of police abuse by the horns and seek a path that allows all of us to regain our tranquility.

Our participation as voters and members of this society must include rejecting vindictive attitudes.

But we must also strengthen the principles of freedom and respect for others.

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