The Alt-Right Debutante Ball: How a Racist Group Hijacked the GOP and RNC

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While black America giggled at the Melania Trump memes all over the internet, a far more troubling situation presented itself at this year’s Republican National Convention. An overlooked contingent has quietly infiltrated America’s two-party system and embedded itself into the mainstream of of the GOP.

The 2016 RNC might look like the same old pomp and circumstance, but this year’s Grand Old Party assemblage is not just a convention. It is also shaping up as a debutante ball for a little-known offshoot of the conservative movement rife with racism and far-right philosophy that threatens to both undermine and overtake the entire Republican Party. The white-nationalist sentiment that caused Brexit and is virally spreading throughout Europe has come to America.

The mainstream media will not talk about it. The right-leaning, “fair and balanced” news outlets incorporate its more subtle arguments without explicitly mentioning it. The left-of-center organizations either pretend that it doesn’t exist or have their heads buried in the sand, but it is the major reason for the rise of Donald Trump. When pundits mention that Americans are “angry” or “fed up,” they are covering up for the group that is throwing coal in the boiler room of conservative anger.

Commonly referred to as the “alt-right,” this group of smart skinheads and intellectual white supremacists has emerged from the shadows and positioned itself as a formidable force in the party of Lincoln and Trump. Its members are young, energetic, educated and persistent. They are homophobic and xenophobic, and they are dangerous.

Meet the alternative right.

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