“Yellow Peril” And “Anti-Muslim Rhetoric” Enter Attorney General’s Race In Missouri

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A coalition of Asian American groups in Missouri is condemning an ad attacking Missouri Attorney General candidate Kurt Schaefer which they say “depicts Chinese and Asians as the enemy” and is reminiscent of “darker and shameful times in our nation’s history.”

The ad controversy comes less than two weeks after another ad in the same race accused Schaefer’s opponent, Democrat Josh Hawley, of supporting terrorism for defending a Muslim client. That ad was condemned for its use of “anti-Muslim rhetoric.”

The ad against Schaefer shows two shadowy Asian men speaking Mandarin, bragging about how they were able to purchase a Missouri farm due to the support of this candidate. The ad put out by the Tea Party Patriots is titled on You Tube as Stop Helping the Chinese Buy Our Farms.

You can watch it below.

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