Black Owned Newspapers Matter

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2017 will mark the 190th anniversary of the Black Press in America. Since the first publication of Freedom’s Journal on March 16, 1827 in New York City, Black owned newspapers have been at the forefront of being the consciousness-raising voice of Black America. Today in 2016, Black owned newspapers still matter.

Black Lives Matter. Black Votes Matter. Black Press Matters. In order to continue to overcome racial inequality and injustice, we have to emphasize the importance of nurturing and mentoring the rise of a new generation of freedom-fighting journalists, publishers and African American owners of newspapers and media companies.

There is a huge qualitative difference between media that is Black owned as compared to non-Black owned media that is targeted to Black consumers. Numerous national studies have documented that Black owned newspapers remain the “trusted and respected” source of news, empowering success stories, and cultural aspirations for more than 45 million Black Americans.

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