#GetLoud Rally Brings Activists, Community Together in South Kern

#GetLoud Rally Brings Activists, Community Together in South Kern

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Ed. Note: On June 30, South Kern Sol kicked off their Summer Youth Justice series with a #GetLoud rally and march. The kNOw youth reporters Danyeal Escobar and Aqeela Starks attended the event and documented their time there through this collection of their favorite moments from the march.


“During the rally, reporters from South Kern Sol spoke and I learned that there are more people locked up in Kern county than enrolled in Bakersfield College. I was also shocked to find out that Kern county spends more money incarcerating youth than invested in youth. I was really upset to hear this.” -Danyeal Escobar


“The rally took place outside the Mesa Verde Detention Center near Mill Creek, Bakersfield. Here, youth spoke out about the school to prison cost disparity, where $62,300 is spent to keep an inmate in prison yearly and only $9,100 is spent per student each year.” -Aqeela Starks



“After the rally everyone went on a march to Mill Creek Linear Park. Leading the march was a band playing Spanish music. Following them were four reporters from South Kern Sol holding huge cardboard letters high in the air that spelled VOTA. Everyone else was yelling chants and listening to music as they marched on.” -Danyeal Escobar


“The Kern #GETLOUD Rally and March was a success. Everyone had a great time supporting the cause even though it was about 105° outside. I think everyone there made an impact and I believe we will be the reason more people vote this year. I can’t wait for another day like that one. #VOTA” -Danyeal Escobar