‘Indian Americans Against Hillary’ Support Donald Trump at New York India Day Parade

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A group of Indian Americans against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., was at the New York City India Day Parade Aug. 21 to hand out flyers against the presidential hopeful.

Citing a deep concern of Hillary and former President Bill Clinton’s persistent anti-India record during the past 25 years, the group passed out about 800 of the flyers while asking Indian Americans to support Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

A member of the group, who goes by the name Arvind, said the Clintons have a long-standing anti-India record, adding, “You name it, they were involved in it.”

The group added claims that the family has put non-proliferation treaty sanctions against India, while being “blatantly” pro-Pakistan on the Kashmir conflict, among others.

“As senator, Hillary voted against the India nuclear deal (former President George W.) Bush set up and funded NGOs in India to unearth mass graves under the 'Get Modi' policy,” the group added in an emailed statement. “When she became secretary of state, one of the first things she said was Pakistan should get the same deal, ignoring that Pakistan has been the aggressor and sponsor of terrorism against India during the last 60 years,” it added.

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