Latino Advocacy Organization Calls Out Trump For Denying Access To Hispanic Media

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Latino Victory, an organization that advocates for Latino representation in politics, launched an online petition calling out Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for ignoring Hispanic media, highlighting that “Since June 2015, the most interaction Trump has had with Hispanic media has been to deny them access and attack them.”

The petition asks Trump to “give Hispanic news organizations the respect they deserve” and pointed out that, while he’s ignored Hispanic media, “In June, he spent over three hours being interviewed by Fox News.” The most prominent anchors in Hispanic media -- Telemundo’s José Díaz-Balart and Univision’s Jorge Ramos -- have issued multiple interview requests that Trump has continued to ignore, deepening his disconnect with Latino audiences.

Trump responded to Ramos’ first request by making the journalist’s personal information, including his phone number, public, and on another occasion by sending him a “personal” letter containing a campaign bumper sticker and a donation request. In addition, the candidate has shut down Diaz-Balart at a press conference, had Ramos ejected from another presser by security personnel, and denied press credentials to Univision correspondent Lourdes del Río. 

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