As California Debates Prop 58, Multilingual Education Thrives in San Francisco

SF Public Press, News Report, Jeremy Adam Smith, Posted: Oct 31, 2016

Proposition 58 would reverse California's 20-year ban on bilingual education, during which time San Francisco saw a flourishing of multilingual programs.

Attorney: California Man Who Threatened to Shoot Up Mosque is a 'Victim'

Arab American News, News Report, Posted: Oct 30, 2016

State prosecutors charged Feigin with making criminal threats. His weapons and ammunition were seized pending the outcome of his case, Sheahen said.

Chief Arvol Looking Horse to Obama: Keep Your Word

Indian Country Today, First Person, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Posted: Oct 30, 2016

As Keeper of our Sacred C'anupa (Pipe) Bundle of the Lakota/Dakota/Nakota Nation, I address you from our original governance of our people, Woope – Creator’s Law.

Sanders in Open Letter to President Obama: Take a Bold Stand Against DAPL

Indian Country Today, First Person, Bernie Sanders, Posted: Oct 28, 2016

I write to respectfully but urgently request your intervention in the very troubling situation unfolding at and around the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in North Dakota.

Manning: Desecration, Mace and Police Snipers With Rifles at DAPL Front Lines

Indian Country News, News Report, Posted: Oct 27, 2016

Piercing sirens are constantly blaring. Low flying planes and helicopters are circling. There are armored cars, ATVs, police units and troops on foot moving in. They are using megaphones to tell those who don’t want to be arrested to withdraw from the area, and they asked that children be removed.

Obama Holds Private Meeting as Cops Mass Near NoDAPL Front Lines

Indian Country Today, News Report, ICTMN Staff , Posted: Oct 27, 2016

Authorities implied they may forcibly remove the water protectors from the new camp, which is on land recently purchased by Dakota Access LLC.

Wikileaks: Obama Sought Muslims for Top Jobs

Arab American News, News Report, Posted: Oct 27, 2016

The 2008 emails show his team was sent lists of Muslims and Asians to be considered for White House jobs, with Arab Christians excluded or relegated to a separate list.

What's Getting in the Way of Minority Voters?

Making Contact, Audio, Valeria Fernandez, Posted: Oct 27, 2016

While voter rights groups consider the possibility of Latinos turning Arizona blue, voter suppression is still a concern after a debacle during the primaries.

Ahead of Election Day, Immigrants Urged to Apply for DACA

New America Media, News Report, Elena Shore, Posted: Oct 27, 2016

San Diego has the third highest population of undocumented immigrants in California, 14 percent of whom are Asian.

California Voters Support Bilingual Ed, But Schools Not Prepared

SF Public Press, News Report, Jeremy Adam Smith, Posted: Oct 26, 2016

Polls show California voters are likely to overturn the state's 20-year ban on bilingual ed, but schools across the state may not be ready.

The War on Drugs in the Philippines: A StepToward Fascism?

International Examiner, Commentary, Cindy Domingo, Posted: Oct 26, 2016

Filipinos are concerned that the specter of martial law may be on the horizon under newly-elected President Rodrigo Duterte.

First Independent Research on Formosa Disaster in Vietnam Released

Vietnam Right Now, News Report, Doan Trang, Posted: Oct 26, 2016

The report covers a large range of topics, from a timeline of the disaster to a profile of Formosa, the Taiwanese corporation allegedly causing the disaster, from the roles of civil society to the poor performance of the government in dealing with the incident.

The American People Are Paying Attention to Indian Country - Why Doesn't Congress?

Indian Country Today, Commentary, Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva, Posted: Oct 26, 2016

The Navajo Nation lacks access to running water for 30 percent of residents. For these families, obtaining water is often a daily struggle.

Millennial Urges Asian Americans to Vote this November

Asamnews, Commentary, Celeste Chan, Posted: Oct 25, 2016

Pollsters, political think tanks, and CNN commentators alike have often cited the AAPI vote as the critical swing vote in this upcoming election.

Q&A: Prop. 57 Offers Hope, Opportunity to CA Youth

We'Ced, Question & Answer, Claudia Gonzalez, Posted: Oct 25, 2016

George Galvis and Frankie Guzman were part of a team that drafted the legislation and say it will overturn decades of CA policy that criminalize youth.

Black Women Will Elect the Next President

Washington Weekly, News Report, Freddie Allen, Special to The Informer via NNPA , Posted: Oct 25, 2016

Black women will play a key role in electing the next president, according to a recent report by the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations

Anger, Fear Drive Chinese American Protests Over Controversial Rap Song

New America Media, News Report, Gloria Liao, Posted: Oct 24, 2016

California rapper YG is facing a nationwide backlash from the Chinese American community for his 2014 song "Meet the Flockers," reports the Chinese language World Journal.

Film premiere Leads to Historic Meeting of Descendants Tied to Heroic Japanese Diplomat

Nichi Bei, News Feature, Posted: Oct 24, 2016

At the dawn of World War II, Chiune Sugihara, the Japanese consul in Lithuania at the time, saved thousands of lives by going against his country’s wishes to issue transit visas to Jewish refugees trying to escape Lithuania.

Islamophobic Ads Target New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hasan

Arab American News, News Report, Posted: Oct 24, 2016

Hassan, who is married to Thomas Hassan, has long been subjected to speculation that she is a Muslim.

White Terror Group Arrested On Eve of Attack on U.S.-Somalis

Louisiana Weekly, News Report, Posted: Oct 24, 2016

Former Garden City Mayor and candidate for state senate, John Doll, said he was told he was one of the targets discussed by the three men accused in the plot.

Reigniting Education in Juvie

Boom: A Journal of California, News Feature, Anna Challet, Posted: Oct 24, 2016

Frequently overlooked in California's ongoing discussions about criminal justice reform are the places at which many individuals have their first experience of being detained -- juvenile halls.

Indiana Election Officials Target Black Voter Registration Drive

Ebony, News Report, Posted: Oct 24, 2016

JJust one week ahead of Indiana’s Oct. 11 voter registration deadline, state police issued and executed a search warrant at the Indiana Voter Registration Project’s (IVRP) headquarters. The organization had set out to register Black voters in a state with the worst voter turnout in the country.

Melania Trump Signed Up to Be a Rich Man’s Wife, Not First Lady

The Root, Commentary, Posted: Oct 24, 2016

It’s hard to feel sorry for anyone with as much wealth and access as Melania enjoys, but as far as being a political spouse goes, she has dealt with Donald Trump’s presidential run better than many may give her credit for.

Feds Won’t Press Gold King Mine Spill Criminal Case, Angering Senators

Indian Country Today, News Report, Posted: Oct 24, 2016

Lawmakers on Monday questioned the Justice Department’s decision not to prosecute officials in connection with the Gold King Mine spill, which dumped nearly 3 million gallons of toxins into the Animas River last year.

DAPL Crackdown Continues With Rubber Bullets and Mace As Water Protectors Form New Front Line

Indian Country Today, News Report, Mary Annette Pember, Posted: Oct 24, 2016

The water protectors taking a stand against the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL) invoked 1851 Treaty rights on Sunday October 23

What We Can Expect From President Hillary Clinton

New America Media, News Analysis, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Posted: Oct 24, 2016

A Democratic take back of the Senate is absolutely a must be when it comes to the Supreme Court.

After Last Debate: Fil-Am Trump, Clinton Supporters Confident in Their Candidate

Asian Journal, News Report, Christina Oriel, Posted: Oct 23, 2016

Many Filipinos have been waiting in line more than 20 years for a visa to the United States. Around 270,000 undocumented Filipinos live in this country.

Trump Could Learn From King Midas

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam, Posted: Oct 22, 2016

The reality star of The Apprentice was created by the media and seems drunk by the limelight.

Duterte Declares Military, Economic Break with US

Asian Journal, News Report, Posted: Oct 21, 2016

President Rodrigo Duterte announced that he is breaking both in military and economic aspects from the United States (US), the Philippine’s longtime ally.

Catcalling Is Not a Compliment

Coachella Unincorporated, Commentary, Juliana Taboada, Posted: Oct 21, 2016

I know there are many things wrong with our schools, but there's one issue that needs to be addressed now. That issue is catcalling.

Asian American Voters Not Being Engaged in Ca.’s Ballot Initiative Process

New America Media, News Report, Peter Schurmann, Posted: Oct 20, 2016

A new survey of Asian American voters in California finds that many do not vote on ballot initiatives because they don't know enough about them.

Sister Watches Helplessly as Uninsured Brother Slowly Slips Away

New America Media, First Person, Lourdes Sevilla as told to Viji Sundaram, Posted: Oct 19, 2016

A sister, living in Fresno, Calif., tells how lack of access to timely medical intervention claimed the life of her undocumented and uninsured brother as he struggled with a rare disease.

IT Can Help Patients Age in Place - But They Must First Understand It

New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Posted: Oct 19, 2016

Exciting as health information technology is, it can only benefit those who can understand it.

Black Doctors Charge Medical Racial Profiling

New America Media, News Analysis, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Posted: Oct 19, 2016

There's racial profiling in medicine, a practice which has had disastrous effects on the quality of medical care among the poor.

First Amendment Win: Charges Dropped Against Journalist Amy Goodman in North Dakota

Indian Country Today, News Report, Posted: Oct 18, 2016

Judge John Grinsteiner, citing a lack of probable cause, declined to sign the state’s complaint against Goodman, the Bismarck Tribune reported.

Duterte's China Trip Puts US Ties To the Test, News Report, Christopher Bodeen, Jim Gomez, Posted: Oct 18, 2016

After lashing out at longtime ally America, the new Philippine president is making a state visit to China in a charm offensive.

Is There Room for Tradition in Early Childhood Education?

India West, News Feature, Parimal Rohit, Posted: Oct 18, 2016

When Nikita Ganatra's son, Sahil, was born she did what a lot of new moms do - she called her own mom for help.

Poll: Blacks and Whites Dislike Police Officers

Hartford Guardian, News Report, Posted: Oct 18, 2016

Black and white people disapprove of police officers when they violate civil liberties during investigations, according to a recent poll.

Doctor Charging Delta with Discrimination in Medical Emergency Speaks Out

Ebony, News Report, Posted: Oct 18, 2016

The Detroit native, who earned her M.D. from Meharry Medical College in Nashville, said she was headed to Minneapolis when a flight attendant requested help from a doctor.

8 Shows That Will Be on 'Trump TV' if Donald Trump Loses the Election

The Root, News Analysis, Posted: Oct 18, 2016

From shows meant to ignite a “race war” to Keeping Up With Katrina Pierson, we take a look at what kind of programming you might find on Trump TV.

Stories from the Danny Woo Community Garden

Iexaminer, News Report, Jill Wasberg, Posted: Oct 18, 2016

Ms. Tran and her husband have acquired one of the highly sought after plots, where she plans to grow greens, flowers, and squash.

Mientras que Trump conjura al Coco del fraude electoral, la supresión electoral es el problema real

New America Media, News Report, Anna Challet, Posted: Oct 17, 2016

En muchos lugares son los inmigrantes quienes tienen razones para preocuparse -- por si les impiden la entrada a las urnas.

Dylan Deserves The Nobel Prize, But He Wasn't The First Musician To Win

New America Media, Commentary, Hasan Zillur Rahim, Posted: Oct 17, 2016

Rabindranath Tagore, the Bengali polymath who won the Nobel Prize for Literature over a century ago in 1913, must be spinning in his grave.

US Donates Military Equipment to The Philippines to Help Counterterrorism Efforts

Asian Journal, News Report, Posted: Oct 17, 2016

THE United States has donated counterterrorism equipment to the Philippine Marines on Friday, October 8, despite President Rodrigo Duterte’s earlier pronouncements that he intends to cut off assistance from the Philippines’ longstanding ally.

Study Confirms What We Already Know: When it Comes to Social Media, Mobile Tech Black Millennials Rule

The Root, News Report, Posted: Oct 17, 2016

Black millennials are tech-savvy, socially aware and engaged, and they’re changing the game with their use of mobile technology and social media, a recent report finds.

Thanks to Trump the Democrats Might Be Able to Take Congress Back

New America Media, News Analysis, Eart Ofari Hutchinson, Posted: Oct 17, 2016

Clinton had nearly twenty states big, little and mid-sized either locked down, or that solidly tilted toward the Democrats.

'It's On Us' - UC Merced Students Make School Top in Voter Registration

We'Ced, News Report, Hannah Esqueda, Posted: Oct 14, 2016

Election Day this November will mark the first time many students at UC Merced cast their vote in a local, state or national election – and the stakes couldn't be higher.

As Trump Conjures the Voter Fraud Boogeyman, Voter Suppression is the Real Issue

New America Media, News Report, Anna Challet, Posted: Oct 14, 2016

As Trump roams the country encouraging hatred of immigrants and distrust of the election process, it's people of color who have to worry.

Competing Visions of Bay Area’s Future at Core of Transit Race

New America Media, News Analysis, Peter Schurmann, Posted: Oct 13, 2016

The race for who will represent one district on the BART board offers a dramatic contrast between competing visions for the Bay Area's future.

Education Reform Relies on Tests and Acronyms, But Kids Say It’s About Relationships

New America Media, News Report, Anna Challet, Posted: Oct 13, 2016

What makes a good school? If you ask young people, it boils down to one thing - relationships.

Is Colin Kaepernick Hurting NFL Ratings? We'll Find Out This Sunday

The Root, News Report, Posted: Oct 12, 2016

Kaepernick has been riding the bench since the middle of last season behind perennial mediocre quarterback Blaine Gabbert.

'Decimated' Services for Traumatized Chicago Students to Get Federal Funding

The Chicago Reporter, News Feature, Kalyn Belsha , Posted: Oct 12, 2016

So far this year, 238 children age 16 and under were injured in shootings; 26 died of gun violence, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Caught on Video: Pickup Plows Into Water Protectors in Reno; 5 Hurt

Indian Country News, News Report, Posted: Oct 11, 2016

After a confrontation with some of the 40 demonstrators rallying in downtown Reno to protest against Columbus Day and the Dakota Access oil pipeline, the driver of a white pickup truck plowed into the crowd, injuring five and sending one to the hospital.

Pew: U.S. Latinos Likely to Vote at Lower Rates This Year

Univision News, News Report, Jessica Weiss, Posted: Oct 11, 2016

The share of Latino voters who say they will vote this year is down from 2012, according to data from the Pew Research Center’s national survey of Latinos, released today.

THE DOCTOR’S WORD: New Mexico’s New Dementia-Research Center on Cutting Edge

New Mexico Jewish Link/New America Media, News Feature, Diane Joy Schmidt , Posted: Oct 11, 2016

Curing or delaying dementia is imperative. The director of the University of New Mexico's new Memory & Aging Center explains what's ahead.

Vietnamese Blogger Mother Mushroom Arrested for "Conducting Propaganda Against the State”

Vietnam Right Now, News Report, Posted: Oct 10, 2016

Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh (also known as Me Nam, or Mother Mushroom) has been arrested at midday today and charged under Article 88 of the Vietnamese Penal Code, “conducting propaganda against the state.”

A Fight for the Soul of City College of San Francisco

New America Media, News Report, Peter Schurmann, Posted: Oct 10, 2016

A visit to the school this week by the agency in charge of its accreditation could determine whether CCSF remains open.

Standing Rock Vows to Continue NoDAPL Fight in Wake of Court Injunction Denial

Indian Country, News Report, Mary Annette Pember, Posted: Oct 10, 2016

Standing Rock Sioux Chairman David Archambault II vowed to continue fighting the Dakota Access oil pipeline (DAPL).

Chicago: Demand for Community Control of Police Oversight Isn't Going Away

New America Media, News Report, Posted: Oct 10, 2016

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has attained his ordinance creating two new police accountability agencies, but whether the new system has more credibility than the old one remains to be seen.

Humane Treatment and Services Sorely Lacking in Louisiana Prisons and Jails

Louisiana Weekly, News Report, Posted: Oct 10, 2016

With one in 75 adults in prison or jail and the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola earning the distinction of being the nation’s largest maximum-security prison, Louisiana has earned its reputation as the prison capital of the world.

Here’s What The GOP Would Do If Trump Dropped Out

New America Media, News Report, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Posted: Oct 10, 2016

The inevitability of Trump was made somewhat palatable by the bitter reality that a lot of people liked him no matter what.

For Sexual Assault Victims, Donald Trump Is Triggering

The Root, Commentary, Posted: Oct 10, 2016

An extreme candidate has become even more extreme now that rape culture is part of this election.

Trump Threatens Jail Time, Clinton Says Rival's Campaign is 'Exploding'

Arab American News , News Report, Posted: Oct 10, 2016

There was a palpable sense of mutual contempt as they stood on stage, refusing to shake hands at the start. Moderators Anderson Cooper of CNN and Martha Raddatz of ABC both seemed at points to be grimly watching two trains collide.

UC's Fall Class is Most Diverse in Its History -- How Did They Do It?

Voicewaves/New America Media, News Report, Rudy Cardoso-Peraza, Posted: Oct 09, 2016

The University of California has demonstrated that it is making progress in broadening the scope of diversity in its student body.

Filipinos Comprise the Highest Support for Trump Among Asian Voters

Asian Journal, News Report, Klarize Medenilla, Posted: Oct 08, 2016

A quarter of Filipinos prefer Trump for the presidency, the highest Trump favorability rating among all surveyed ethnic groups.

Black Enrollment Increasing at University of California

Post News Group, News Report, Lee Hubbard, Posted: Oct 07, 2016

When Proposition 209 passed in 1996 by California voters, it eliminated the use of race, sex or ethnicity in state government institutions in employment, public contracting and public education.

California Encourages Nail Salons to Get Rid of Toxic Products

New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Posted: Oct 07, 2016

Health care advocates say it's an under-regulated business, jeopardizing the health of its workers, many of whom don’t speak English.

Early Ed, Crucial for Latino Children with Learning Disabilities

Hoy Los Angeles, News Feature, Esmeralda Fabian Romero, Posted: Oct 06, 2016

Children with learning disabilities who go to preschool or an early education center are less likely to be placed in special ed.

Educación Temprana, crucial para niños latinos con dificultades de aprendizaje

Hoy Los Angeles, News Feature, Esmeralda Fabian Romero, Posted: Oct 06, 2016

Para los niños con alguna deficiencia de aprendizaje, el asistir les brinda una ventaja crucial.

Silicon Valley’s Urban Farm Movement ‘Ready to Grow’

New America Media, News Report, Honora Montano, Posted: Oct 05, 2016

Next door to the booming tech economy of Silicon Valley, about one in three adults is experiencing food insecurity.

New York Chinatown Turned into Comic Fodder by Bill O'Reilly Sidekick

Asam news, News Report, Posted: Oct 05, 2016

But what else would you expect from Bill O’Reilly’s sidekick on Fox News, Jesse Watters? The whole purpose of the segment Watters World is to make fun of people.

Do Vice Presidents Really Matter?

New America Media, News Analysis, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Posted: Oct 05, 2016

At first glance, the question: Do vice-presidential debates really matter seems ridiculously easy to answer, a resounding no.

Investigators Hunt Cell Phone Missing from Police Evidence

Chicosol, News Report, Posted: Oct 05, 2016

CSUC Students Claim Retaliation for Filming, Excessive Force. Hemphill and Braham told the ACLU board that the attitude of the Chico officers toward them ranged from rudeness to ridicule.

Filipina Anchor Elaine Quijano, First Asian-American Debate Moderator Gets High Marks for VP Match

New America Media, Roundup, Odette Keeley, Posted: Oct 04, 2016

Many in the Twittersphere are praising Filipino-American veteran journalist Elaine Quijano for her moderation of the Oct. 4 US Vice-Presidential debate. She made history as the first Asian-American, first digital anchor and the youngest in decades, to moderate a national debate.

Blacks Killed by Police, Does Anyone Care?

The Final Call, News Feature, Starla Muhammad and Andrea Muhammad, Posted: Oct 04, 2016

In the rare instances where charges are filed against officers, convictions are hard to come by. In Charlotte, dash cam and police video will soon be hard to come by.

The Fine Art of Blowing Up Art: Evelyn Rosenberg’s Explosive Sculptures

New Mexico Jewish Link/New America Media, News Feature, Diane Joy Schmidt , Posted: Oct 04, 2016

In 1985, Evelyn Rosenberg burst on the art scene using explosives to create metal sculptures--intricate work reflecting themes of science, myth and Jewish spirituality.

Chinese American Voters Use Social Media to Increase Support for Trump

New America Media, News Report, Anthony Advincula, Posted: Oct 03, 2016

There is a vocal and some say growing base of support for the Republican presidential candidate on Chinese social media platforms.

UC Forges New Partnership to Advance Student Diversity

New America Media, News Report, George White, Posted: Oct 03, 2016

The University of California and the Boys & Girls Club of America have launched a new outreach partnership that could become a model for building diversity pipelines.

Protests in Death of L.A. Teen Continue, Community Seeks Answers

Ebony, News Report, Posted: Oct 03, 2016

Carnell Snell Jr. was killed by LAPD officers after a chase on Saturday, but residents say it was an unjust killing.

Black Community Building a United Front in November

Washington Informer, Commentary, William Langford, Posted: Oct 03, 2016

We have a vast resource of unity within each and every Black community across America.

South L.A. Pre-School Centers Incorporate STEM Curriculum

New America Media/Wave Newspaper, News Report, Cynthia Gibson, Posted: Oct 03, 2016

What appeared on the surface to be random play was actually an introduction to critical thinking exercises that will lay the foundation for a science, technology, engineering and math