Study Confirms What We Already Know: When it Comes to Social Media, Mobile Tech Black Millennials Rule

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Black millennials are killing the game.

In the 2016 Nielsen African-American report, black millennials are being described as tech-savvy, socially and civically engaged, with a growing population and growing buying power.

Indeed, the report, “Young Connected and Black: African American Millennials Are Driving Social Change and Leading Digital Advancement,” indicates that black millennials are very optimistic about what the future holds and are considered catalysts for change.

Nielsen reports that African Americans are closing the mobile digital divide, with 91 percent having access to the internet via a smartphone or broadband in 2015. That is up from 86 percent the year prior.

The use of mobile devices, the report notes, has been key to bringing a heightened awareness to social issues via social media … think #BankBlack, #OscarsSoWhite, #BlackLivesMatter and other viral hashtags started by black people.

In addition, black excellence has just been proliferating as we continue to make progress in education—where the high school dropout rate for the total black population has declined from 21 percent in 2004 to 16 percent in 2014, according to most recent data.

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