Duterte Slams Obama Anew: 'Find Out the Right Meaning of Dignity'

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PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte lashed out against U.S. President Barack Obama once again after the United States allegedly threatened to withdraw its foreign aid to the Philippines over the growing death toll related to the government’s war on illegal drugs.

“Don’t treat us like dogs who get scared by threats of aid withdrawal,” Duterte remarked on Friday, November 4, during the Integrated Bar of the Philippines regional convention in Manila.


Duterte said the alleged withdrawal threat portrayed Filipinos like a leashed dog with its master, the United States, putting a pan of food at a distance the dog can’t reach.

“Sabi ko, putang ina kayo. Leche ninyo. Putang ina talaga kayo (I said son of a b*tch. You are sons of b*tches, because you violated our dignity as a Filipino people),” Duterte said.

The Philippine president even suggested that Obama look up the meaning of “dignity” in the dictionary.
“Mr. Obama, what went wrong? Get your dictionary. Find out the right meaning of dignity,” Duterte said.
Earlier this week, Duterte also called U.S. officials “fools” and “monkeys” for reportedly halting the planned sale of about 26,000 assault rifles to the Philippines over the supposed extrajudicial killings in the country.

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