Trump Appoints Two More Islamophobes to Team

Arab American News, News Report, Posted: Nov 30, 2016

CAIR recently expressed concern about a troubling Islamophobic trend in President-elect Donald Trump's recent appointments and nomination.

The Future of DACA Under the Trump Administration

Asian Journal, News Report, Posted: Nov 30, 2016

Under DACA, undocumented youth - who meet several guidelines - are granted certain privileges previously unavailable to undocumented immigrants including a renewable two-year work permit and exemption from deportation

Philly Arts Program Helps Refugee Elders After Long, Difficult Journey

Diverse Elders Coalition , News Feature, Hitomi Yoshida , Posted: Nov 30, 2016

Philadelphia is proving it can still be the City of Brotherly Love by funding an program to help refugee elders support each other through arts and crafts.

Practical Tips: Know Your Rights Under a Trump Presidency

New America Media, Question & Answer, Erin N. Marcus, Posted: Nov 29, 2016

There are a lot of people in the community who are very afraid of how this could impact them. We've seen a huge uptick in the number of calls (from immigrants) wanting to know what they should do.

Immigrant Quits Dream Job to Work for Compassion and Openness

Asam News, News Report, Posted: Nov 28, 2016

He then hopes to pull together what he heard and come up with recommendations “that can be fed into the social movement” that opposes Trump, Torricke-Barton told CNNMoney.

North Carolina Teacher Allegedly Assaults Muslim Kindergartner

Arab American News, News Report, Posted: Nov 28, 2016

The teacher grabbed the student by the neck at one point and called him a "bad Muslim boy" multiple times over several weeks.

Alleged Church Killer to Be His Own Lawyer

The Northstar News, News Report, Frederick H. Lowe, Posted: Nov 28, 2016

Judge Gergel allowed Roof to represent himself after ruling on Friday that he was mentally competent to stand trial.

On The White Nationalist Hate List, Immigrants Now Trump Blacks

Northstar News Today, News Report, Rosemary Eng, Posted: Nov 28, 2016

The new tactic is a petition asking for president-elect Donald J. Trump to rescind his appointment of Stephen Bannon as White House strategist and senior counselor.

Cuba: Now That Fidel is Gone, What Comes Next?

New America Media, News Analysis, Louis Nevaer, Posted: Nov 28, 2016

Trump promised the Cuban exile community that the status quo will end with his "can do" administration.

Aging in Trump's America is Something to Fear, Health-Care Experts Warn

Ottawa Citizen/New America Media, News Report, Elizabeth Payne, Posted: Nov 28, 2016

Being old in America could get a lot more difficult under a Donald Trump presidency, experts warned at major conference on aging.

Army Corps Issues Eviction Notice to Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

Indian Country Today, News Report, Posted: Nov 26, 2016

Since this summer, thousands of indigenous people and their allies opposed to the $3.8 billion, 1,172-mile-long Dakota Access pipeline have journeyed to the borderland of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, staking teepees and tents along the confluence of the Cannon Ball and Missouri Rivers.

Fidel's Long Goodbye

New America Media, News Analysis, Louis Nevaer, Posted: Nov 26, 2016

Can Raul Castro hold it together without the forceful personality of Fidel Castro to bind the Revolution?

El triunfo de Trump podría afectar la salud mental

La Opinion, News Report, Francisco Castro, Posted: Nov 23, 2016

Sentimientos de tristeza, miedo y ansiedad son algunos síntomas de la depresión, una condición mental debilitante y a menudo no diagnosticada que afecta a un número de latinos.

Experts Say Depression Rates Among Latinos Likely to Rise Under Trump

La Opinion, News Report, Francisco Castro, Posted: Nov 23, 2016

Speaking at a conference on aging in New Orleans, researchers described an air of uncertainty that could lead to increases in depression among Latinos.

Man Pulls Off Woman's Winter Scarf Because He Thought She Was Muslim

Arab American News, News Report, Posted: Nov 23, 2016

Simonetti said that after she sat in her car to drive to her job she felt shocked and couldn't work out what had just happened to her.

Racist Flyers Target "Job Stealing Ching Chongs"

Angry Asian Man, Commentary, Posted: Nov 23, 2016

We are now living in the time of racist bullshit perpetuated in the name of Donald Trump. Like, this is an everyday normal thing.

'Door of Hope' Event Opens Wall That Splits Families

Chicosol , News Report, Bianca Quilantan, Posted: Nov 23, 2016

Divided by an international border, families win a few minutes of respite from separation. Rusted pillars and steel mesh divided them.

High Cost of Human Rights Corrodes DAPL Financing

Indian Country News, News Feature, Steve Russell, Posted: Nov 23, 2016

A Norwegian Bank, DNB, is reexamining its commitment to DAPL as a direct result of the efforts of the Water Protectors.

Renters at Risk: In San Francisco, Few Have Quake Insurance

New America Media, News Report, Anna Challet, Posted: Nov 22, 2016

If you're in the Bay Area for the next 30 years, there's a nearly 75 percent chance you'll experience a large earthquake -- as big as the 1994 Northridge quake, or bigger.

Vote to Allow Concealed Carry on Campus Meets Opposition in One Calif. Community

South Kern Sol, News Report, Chris Romo, Posted: Nov 22, 2016

The Kern High School District became the largest in California to allow teachers and staff to carry concealed weapons on campus after a decision last week by the school board.

'Hate Crimes Are Up' But the Government Isn't Keeping Good Track of Them

Lousiana Weekly, News Report, Posted: Nov 22, 2016

More than 3,000 state and local law enforcement agencies don’t report hate crimes to the FBI as part of its annual national survey of crime in America.

Police Shooting Brings More Protests, Pain To Windy City

Nation of Islam, News Report, Bryan Crawford, Posted: Nov 22, 2016

The Mount Greenwood neighborhood on the Southwest Side of Chicago is one with a long, ugly history of racism.

Lo que las comunidades inmigrantes pueden hacer para prepararse para Trump

New America Media, News Report, Elena Shore, Posted: Nov 22, 2016

Los expertos en inmigración les dijeron a los periodistas que vigilaran de cerca al equipo de transición del presidente electo.

이민자 커뮤니티 트럼프 반이민 전면전 대비해야

New America Media, News Report, Elena Shore, Posted: Nov 21, 2016

도널드 트럼프는 이번 대통령 선거 캠페인 동안 공포와 외국인 혐오증을 촉발하는 도전적인 언사를 서슴지 않게 유포했으며, 이에 대응해 이민자 옹호가들은 모든 가족들의 존엄을 지키기 위한 결의를 세웠다고 밝혔다.

Earthquake Experts Urge Californians to Prepare for Future Disasters

New America Media, News Report, George White, Posted: Nov 21, 2016

A panel of disaster management experts urged SoCal residents to take steps to plan ahead for likely temblors, including insuring their homes.

California Legislators Vow to Oppose Trump’s Plans vs. Immigrants & Minorities

Asam News, News Report, Posted: Nov 21, 2016

California voters --with the largest number of immigrants in the country -- voted for Clinton over Trump almost two to one. San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose and Oakland said they would not cooperate with federal attempts to deport its residents.

Mainstream Media MIA as DAPL Action Is Met With Water Cannons and Mace

Indian Country News, News Analysis, Jenni Monet, Posted: Nov 21, 2016

That Trump is a known investor in Dakota Access helps keep the battle at Standing Rock relevant.

Opinion: Undocumented APIs, Keep Moving Forward

Iexaminer, News Analysis, Marissa Vichayapai , Posted: Nov 21, 2016

The staff and advocates from the Fearless Asians for Immigration Reform (FAIR!) Campaign want all Asians and Pacific Islanders who are undocumented to know that we will continue fighting for you.

The Black Middle Class Is About to Get Trumped

The Root, News Analysis, Posted: Nov 21, 2016

Everything we’ve been taught about "success" in this country and nearly every avenue we’ve used to achieve that success are now threatened by the same explicit racism that Donald Trump rode into the White House.

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley Meets With Donald Trump to Discuss Possible Secretary of State Cabinet Post

India West, News Report, Posted: Nov 21, 2016

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley met with President-elect Donald Trump Nov. 17 at the Trump Towers in New York City, reportedly to discuss a Cabinet post in the new administration.

International Marriage Decreasing in South Korea

Korea Daily, News Report, Posted: Nov 21, 2016

South Koreans who were set to marry a foreigner was required to take “refinement education” prior to the wedding, while dating businesses that encourage international marriages also had to go through stricter guidelines.


New America Media, News Report, Elena Shore, Posted: Nov 21, 2016


A Question of Mass Deportation

The IE Voice, Commentary, S. E. Williams, Posted: Nov 19, 2016

How the nation ultimately moves forward on the issue of immigration will largely be determined by whether Trump's actions as president match his campaign rhetoric.

Lee Lor Vying to be Central Valley's First Hmong Woman Elected to Office

We'Ced, News Report, Hannah Esqueda, Posted: Nov 18, 2016

After working in the community for fifteen years and seeing first-hand the disconnect between residents and elected officials, Lee Lor felt it was time for a change.

Empowering Kids to Combat the 'Trump Effect'

New America Media, News Feature, Anna Challet, Posted: Nov 18, 2016

There are things parents and caregivers can do to help children when they're exposed to hateful rhetoric.

설문조사: 대다수 가주민 멀리 살아도 해안 사랑

New America Media, News Report, Peter Schurmann, Posted: Nov 18, 2016

샌프란시스코 -- 가주해안법 40주년을 기념한 최근 필드폴 설문조사는 대다수 가주민들이 비록 해안 방문이 힘들어도 적극 보호해야 한다고 밝혔다.

Encuesta: La mayoría de los californianos valoran la costa, aunque se muden lejos de ella

New America Media, News Report, Peter Schurmann, Posted: Nov 18, 2016

Una nueva Encuesta Field encuentra amplio apoyo entre una diversa mayoría de residentes de California para proteger la costa ...

A Few Thoughts on The Election and What President Trump Means for Indian Country

Indian Country News, Commentary, Guyasi Ross, Posted: Nov 18, 2016

This is going to be a tough four years. It will affect Native communities in a disparate manner. We will have to work together as much as possible.

Vietnam Gives Up On TPP, China Now Stronger Than Ever

Vietnam Right Now, News Report, Posted: Nov 17, 2016

Virtually nothing is known about Mr Trump’s real intentions in foreign policy and a prolonged period of uncertainty now looks inevitable

Minnesota High School Students Show Up to Class in Hijab

Arab American News, News Report, Posted: Nov 17, 2016

A couple dozen Duluth East High School students took it upon themselves to fight growing anti-Islamic rhetoric by wearing a hijab on Wednesday.

Poll: Majority of Californians Value the Coast, Even as They Move Farther From It

New America Media, News Report, Peter Schurmann, Posted: Nov 17, 2016

A majority of Californians say the state's 1,100 miles of coast is important to them personally, even as many are driven further inland by rising home prices.


New America Media, News Report, Peter Schurmann, Posted: Nov 17, 2016

在加州沿海法案(California Coastal Act)頒佈40年後的今天,一項最新民調顯示,大多數加州居民支持保護海岸,但他們認為前往海岸遊玩並非易事。

A Deadly Month: Police Shootings of Natives Spike in October

Indian Country Today, News Report, Stephanie Woodard, Posted: Nov 16, 2016

There were at least eight fatal police shootings of Native Americans in October, much higher than the monthly average.

Muslim Girl Terrified to Return to School After Classmate Beats Her, Rips Off Hijab

Arab American News, News Report, Posted: Nov 16, 2016

The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations is calling out a north metro middle school for what it calls a “lack of response” following an alleged incident where a Muslim girl’s hijab was pulled off.

The Black Press Faces New Reality in the Era of Trump

The Root, News Analysis, Jason Johnson, Posted: Nov 16, 2016

Will mainstream media networks still have a place at the table for black on-air talent during a Trump administration?

Blunt Approach to Terrorism Will Be Counter-Productive

New Canadian Media, News Analysis, Phil Gurski , Posted: Nov 16, 2016

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump is feeding the extremist narrative that the West hates Islam and does not allow Muslims to practice their religion freely.

Hate Crimes Up. Civil Rights Groups Condemn Trump Appointment of White Nationalist

Asam News, News Report, Posted: Nov 15, 2016

A new report from the FBI shows 21 percent of the 1263 religious hate crime victims in 2015 were Muslim. According to ABC News, that’s an increase of 67 percent. The news came out on one day after President-elect Donald Trump appointed Steve Bannon, editor of the pro-alt right website Breitbart, as chief strategist of the White House.

One Unchangeable Position: Making America White Again

Final Call, Editorial, Staff, Posted: Nov 15, 2016

What Mr. Trump cannot afford to do is to alienate or deny the White malaise that swept him into office.

Announcement: Asian American Voters Backed Clinton Over Trump, Election Eve Poll Shows

Iexaminer, News Report, Posted: Nov 15, 2016

This non-partisan poll surveyed 2,391 respondents from diverse Asian ethnic groups: Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Korean, Vietnamese, and Japanese American voters. Interviews were conducted in six languages, with all interviews completed in the language of preference of the respondents.

Numerous Safety Violations at Formosa - News Agency

Vietnam Right Now, News Report, Posted: Nov 15, 2016

Reuters reported that the investigation had uncovered fifty violations at the Taiwanese run steel mill in the run-up to the leak of contaminated water.

DAPL Construction on Hold Pending Further Review and Tribal Consultation

Indian Country, News Report, Posted: Nov 15, 2016

Standing Rock Sioux Chairman David Archambault II reacted with acceptance and gratitude to the Army Corps’ announcement, and the tribe called it a sign that President Barack Obama “is listening.”

Let Trump Be Held Accountable, Not Just ‘Too Old to Change’

New America Media, News Analysis, Paul Kleyman, Posted: Nov 15, 2016

Some national media echo the refrain that at 70, Donald Trump is too old to change. That's ageism and lets him off the hook.

For Trump, It’s Time for "NAFTA 2.0"

New America Media, News Analysis, Louis E. V. Nevaer, Posted: Nov 14, 2016

Without a mechanism for ameliorating market failures, the U.S. has experienced deterioration in the standards of living outside normal economic cycles.

Chinese Americans No Longer Silent in American Politics

World Journal, News Report, Hui-min Xu, Translated by Gloria Liao, Posted: Nov 14, 2016

Usually regarded as the "silent minority," the emergence of outspoken Chinese American political groups marks something of a first in American politics.

La Opinion: We Must Defend Immigrants

La Opinion, Editorial, Posted: Nov 14, 2016

Editors of La Opinión write that the danger is more present than ever.

Trump Tells Supporters Harassing Minorities: "Don't Do It."

Asam News, News Report, Posted: Nov 14, 2016

In his first sit down interview since being elected, President-elect Donald Trump acknowledged that some of his supporters may be harassing minorities after being asked about incidents directed at Latinos and Muslims.

We Accept the Democratic Process and Prepare to Push Back

Arab American News, Editorial, Posted: Nov 14, 2016

The man who suggested placing Muslim Americans in a database and proposed banning Muslims from entering the country will be the next president.

Entrevista: Presidente de UC Habla Sobre Resultado de Elecciones, Inscripciones y Futura Financiación

New America Media, Question & Answer, Peter Schurmann, Posted: Nov 14, 2016

Luego de la elección de Donald Trump, la Presidente de UC comenta que hay muchas preguntas sobre el impacto que la nueva administración tendrá en la Universidad

Health Care Should Not be Political

Hartford Guardian, Commentary, Judy Tabar, Contributor, Posted: Nov 14, 2016

Planned Parenthood has been here for 100 years, and one thing is clear: we will never back down and we will never stop fighting to ensure that Planned Parenthood patients have access to the health care they need.

“BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: Protections Fall Short for In-Home Senior Care ”

Jefferson Public Radio, News Feature, Jennifer Margulis , Posted: Nov 14, 2016

The screening of in-home caregivers from franchisee businesses is Inadequate.

“BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: Stopping Elder Abuse in In-Home Care”

Jefferson Public Radio, News Feature, Jennifer Margulis , Posted: Nov 13, 2016

The screening of in-home caregivers from franchisee businesses is Inadequate.

What Immigrant Communities Can Do to Prepare for Trump

New America Media, News Report, Elena Shore, Posted: Nov 12, 2016

The most important thing to do now, advocates say, is to make sure immigrants know their rights.

Trump Victory Alarms Vietnam

Vietnam Right Now, News Analysis, Posted: Nov 11, 2016

For Vietnam, the surprise win of the maverick property developer and reality tv star is deeply unsettling and threatens severe strategic consequences.

I Occupied the Freeway Last Night

Long Beach VoiceWaves, Commentary, Anonymous, Posted: Nov 10, 2016

As an undocumented immigrant who has paid a lot of taxes to this country, I feel ripped off by the presidential election's outcome.

California Faces Major Reversal if Trump, Congress Scrap Health Law

California Healthline, News Report, Chad Terhune, Posted: Nov 10, 2016

California has a lot to lose if President-elect Donald Trump and the Republican-led Congress fulfill their campaign pledge to repeal Obamacare.

Time to Move Forward, Say Supporters on Both Sides After Unexpected Donald Trump Victory

India West, News Report, Sunita Sohrabji , Posted: Nov 10, 2016

Indian American Republican and Democratic political activists said the country must move forward after President-elect Donald Trump's surprising victory Nov. 8 evening.

Q&A: UC President On Election Results, Enrollment and Future Funding

New America Media, Question & Answer, Peter Schurmann, Posted: Nov 10, 2016

UC President Janet Napolitano says there are a lot of questions about how a Trump presidency will impact the university.

Record Number of Asian American Pacific Islanders Elected to Congress

AsAm News, News Report, Louis Chan, Posted: Nov 09, 2016

Voters elected a record number of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to Congress Tuesday.

Clinton Did Well With Black Votes, But Obama Fared Better

Ebony, News Report, Posted: Nov 09, 2016

Although Black and Latino voters supported Hillary Clinton in large margins in Tuesday’s election, they did not turn out for her the way they did in 2012, according to exit polls.

Welcome to the New Nadir

The Root, News Report, Posted: Nov 09, 2016

The impossible happened. Against all odds, against all prognostications, America elected a racist, xenophobic, and misogynist man in Donald Trump as President of the United States.

La Opinión: President-Elect Trump

La Opinion, Editorial, Staff, Posted: Nov 09, 2016

It is difficult to imagine a more complicated scenario for Latinos and other minorities.

Advocates Push for More Expanded Medi-Cal Sign-Ups to Access Dental and Mental Care

New America Media, News Report, George White, Posted: Nov 08, 2016

Health care advocates are urging parents of undocumented children enrolled in full-scope Medi-Cal to take advantage of the benefits it offers, particularly in the areas of dental care and mental care.

Parents Know About Health Care for All Kids Law, But Few Are Aware of Its Benefits

New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Posted: Nov 08, 2016

Six months into the Health Care For All Kids law, many children have transitioned to it, but few parents know of its extensive benefits.

#Election2016: 5 Things You Need to Know

Ebony, News Report, Posted: Nov 08, 2016

Twelve states will have gubernatorial elections in 2016, including a special election in Oregon that was prompted by the Feb. 2015 resignation of former Gov. John Kitzhaber.

Royal Jordanian Offering Last Minute Cheap Flights to U.S. "In Case Trump Wins”

Arab American News, News Report, Posted: Nov 08, 2016

The ad is poking fun at the Republican presidential candidate’s stance for a ban on Muslims entering the United States.

Dreamer Stress in the Age of Donald Trump

Univision, News Feature, Jenny Marinque, Posted: Nov 07, 2016

Stress, depression and anxiety have ballooned among undocumented students at the University of California at Berkeley this election season.

For Women Candidates of Color, Progressive Doesn’t Always Mean Inclusive

New America Media, News Analysis, Anna Challet and Honora Montano, Posted: Nov 07, 2016

Despite San Francisco's liberal reputation, some female politicians still get the impression that the progressive establishment here doesn't want them around.

Latina Suing Company For Harassment by Donald Trump-Supporting Co-Workers

Latina, News Report, Posted: Nov 07, 2016

Alexandra Avila, 32, filed a lawsuit against her former employer, Sedgwick Claims Management Services, for racially motivated harassment from her co-workers.

#IfICouldVote: Looking to the Next Wave of Youth Voters

We'Ced, News Report, Hannah Esqueda, Posted: Nov 07, 2016

Historically underrepresented at the polls, young adults age 18-24 are a tempting but enigmatic demographic for many.

In Praise of Donald Trump

New Canadian Media, News Report, Darren Thorne , Posted: Nov 07, 2016

On the eve of the U.S. Presidential election, and with apologies to the Bard for the inversion, I come not to bury Donald Trump, but rather to praise him.

Record Number of Asian Americans Could Serve in Congress in 2017

Asam News, News Report, Louis Chan, Posted: Nov 07, 2016

21 of those candidates are Democrats, five are Republicans, two are Libertarians and one is a member of the American Shopping party.

FBI Clears Clinton Again in Email Probe

Washington Informer, News Report, Posted: Nov 07, 2016

The director initially cleared Clinton of wrongdoing in July, but slammed her "careless" handling of classified material by use of a private email server.

Duterte Slams Obama Anew: 'Find Out the Right Meaning of Dignity'

Asian Journal, News Report, Posted: Nov 07, 2016

Duterte said the alleged withdrawal threat portrayed Filipinos like a leashed dog with its master, the United States, putting a pan of food at a distance the dog can’t reach.

Janet Reno, 1st Female US Attorney General, Dead at 78

The Root, News Report, Posted: Nov 07, 2016

Janet Reno, who during the Clinton administration became the first woman to serve as U.S. attorney general, has died of complications from Parkinson’s disease. She was 78.

Bill Clinton Woos Arab Americans with Surprise Dearborn Visit

Arab American Media, News Report, Posted: Nov 07, 2016

DEARBORN - Former President Bill Clinton surprised Arab American residents in Dearborn on Sunday evening, with unannounced visits to two local businesses.

Arab American Voters: In Contested Elections, Your Vote is Decisive

Arab American News, Editorial, Posted: Nov 04, 2016

Because of the flaws of both major party candidates, we did not endorse anyone for president. However, that does not mean that you should not vote in this race of historic importance.

대통령 선거를 앞두고, 아시안 이민자들 DACA 신청 촉구

New America Media, News Report, Elena Shore, Posted: Nov 03, 2016

샌디에고 — 대통령 선거를 며칠 앞두고, 이민권 옹호자들은 서류미비 이민자들이 안전한 미래를 위해 지금이 한걸음 앞서야 할 시기라는 메세지를 전하고 있다.


New America Media, News Report, Elena Shore, Posted: Nov 03, 2016


El voto latino es el gigante dormido que necesita despertarse

VoiceWaves/New America Media, First Person, Elizabeth Campos, Posted: Nov 03, 2016

Una jóven que no votó en el 2012 dice que este año, es diferente.

Latino Voters Can Be the 'Unstoppable Giant'

VoiceWaves, First Person, Elizabeth Campos, Posted: Nov 03, 2016

A young woman who did not vote in 2012 says that this time, it's different.

Hillary Isn't Obama, But She Doesn't Have to Be

New America Media, News Analysis, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Posted: Nov 03, 2016

Black voters are turning out in smaller numbers in some areas than they did in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections

California Voters Have Opportunity to Enact Needed Criminal Justice Reforms

New America Media, Op-ed, David Muhammad, Posted: Nov 02, 2016

Proposition 57 continues a trend of progressive and incremental steps to reform California's ineffective, harmful, and extremely expensive criminal justice system.

La Opinion: Trump, Not Immigrants, Is the Boogeyman

La Opinion, Editorial, Posted: Nov 01, 2016

Trump repeatedly lies, especially when he wants to scare people with the boogeyman of immigrants.

Donald Trump and the Politics of Improvisation

New America Media, Op-ed, Randy Fertel, Posted: Nov 01, 2016

Like improvisation, democracy believes every voice, however marginal or foolish, should be heard, every vote counted. Then along came Donald J. Trump.