Racist Flyers Target "Job Stealing Ching Chongs"

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We are now living in the time of racist bullshit perpetuated in the name of Donald Trump. Like, this is an everyday normal thing. For example... These signs were recently found placed on cars in a private parking lot in Arlington, Virginia. One of the recipients, who posted this photo on social media, says that whoever left them was clearly targeting Asian employees. You know, the "Job Stealing Ching Chongs."

Who the hell has time to design and print up this shit? Who the hell would waste precious ink -- printer cartridges are expensive, dude -- and the effort to go from car to car to distribute these damn things?

After the flyers were discovered, several employees understandably didn't feel safe walking to and from the parking lot. Flyers on cars is cowardly shit, but who knows? Thankfully, according to the original poster, management took steps to make sure people felt safe and the property's security measures were escalated.


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