Mob of Men Assault Detroit Liquor Store Owner, Tell Him To "Move Out"

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DETROIT (WJBK) - A mob of men vandalized property and terrorized a man at a liquor store in Detroit, beating up the owner and telling him to move out.

A party store owner said he's being terrorized by a group of men, all over a misunderstanding.

"We just want this to be resolved peacefully. This is all based off of a lie. They turned it into something that it is completely not," said Matthew Hourmiz, the party store manager.

Hourmiz's father had his face beaten by strangers, who sporadically through the last week have filed in their party store, threatening workers and deterring customers.

"They said I put a gun to a girl's head, and called her an N- word, which never happened," Hourmiz said.

He says it all began last Sunday when a group of minors came inside the store to harass him. He said it got so bad, he had to flash his gun.

"I didn't see a girl, our employee didn't see a girl, other witnesses here never saw) a girl. It was just a made up story.


He believes the facts were twisted because a day later, his father Andy was beaten.

"My dad had nothing to do with the incident. He wasn't even here, and he took the blame for it for no reason without any facts," Hourmiz said.

On Friday, the men filed in again, this time threatening Matthew, and asking him to come out from behind the counter.

"We don't feel safe, no --12 guys come in here and try to intimidate us with masks on. We don't feel safe," Hourmiz said.

The party store at east warren and 3 mile has been run by the family for more than 20 years.

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