Texans Surprise Muslims With Solidarity Demonstration at Mosque

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HOUSTON - Texans are rejecting the wave of Islamophoia that's been gaining traction across the country in recent months.

In a show of solidarity with the Muslim community, dozens of non-Muslims showed up Friday afternoon outside the Islamic Society of Greater Houston mosque, bearing signs that read, "We're glad you're here" and "We are all Americans," according to the Houston Press
The demonstrators greeted Muslims as they entered the mosque for Friday afternoon prayers, then shook hands and hugged them as they left, while one demonstrator's young daughter handed out flowers.

Many of the attendees told the Houston Press they had decided to come to show love and support amid national apprehensive rhetoric directed at Muslims, rooted in fear of difference and spread by politicians including the president-elect, Donald Trump.

PHOTO: Houston Press

"There's been a climate of fearmongering and hateful rhetoric in the past couple years in America, and we have to ask ourselves what's going on to create this climate of fear and hatred," said Stephanie Koithan, who organized the demonstration. "When your president-elect mentions a Muslim registry, whether it happens or not, the words were said, and that tells an entire community of people that they are not welcome. We have to create the America that we want — that's kind of what made me start this event."

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