Mistrial Declared in the Police Shooting Death of Walter Scott

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The prosecutor of a former police officer who killed a fleeing black man by shooting him the back in a murder that was captured on cell phone video and shown around the world said she will retry the cop after the judge hearing the case declared a mistrial because of a hung jury.

Scarlett A. Wilson, solicitor for the Ninth Judicial Circuit in Charleston, S.C., issued a statement, saying she was disappointed by the trial outcome involving Michael Slager, a former North Charleston, S. C., cop who faced state charges of murder or manslaughter in the shooting death of Walter Scott.

“While I cannot overstate our disappointment that this case was not resolved, I commend those who sacrificed so much time, energy and effort to serve on this jury,” Wilson said. “We will try Michael Slager again. We hope the federal and state courts will coordinate efforts regarding any future trial dates but we stand ready whenever the court calls.”

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Circuit Court Judge Clifton Newman declared a mistrial Monday after a juror, believed to be a white man, said he could not vote to convict Slager. The jury was comprised of five white men, six white women and one black man, who was the foreman. Eleven jurors voted to convict Slager of murder or manslaughter. The jury began deliberating on Wednesday.

Slager’s defense team wanted Judge Newman, who is African American, to declare a mistrial on Friday. The judge, however, ordered jurors to continue deliberating today.

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