Asian American Family’s Home Vandalized with Racist Graffiti

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A Hmong America family in Minnesota heard a sudden knock on their door in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

It was their newspaper delivery person alerting them of a horrendous sight.

Someone had spray painted the words “chink” in large black letters across their garage door, reported CBS Minnesota

Their van was also vandalized.

The Xiongs had just moved from St. Paul into the home in a subdivision in Oakdale east of Minneapolis two months ago.


“We don’t have words to describe how we feel. Its just like, wow. said Linda Xiong.

Xiong lives in the home with her parents, two brothers and sister.

A home nearby was also vandalized, but instead of a racial slur, the words “nice car” were spray painted.

Police could charge the vandals with destroying property, and also a hate crime, if they determine racial bias was involved.

The Xiongs are heartened by the support they’ve received from their neighbors, at least one who help to remove the graffiti.

‘It opens my eyes about how nice and how heartwarming they are and how much they can give to support us even though we are so new,” said Xiong.

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