Podcast: How Safe is a Sanctuary City?

Podcast: How Safe is a Sanctuary City?

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Sanctuary communities are under attack from the White House. Under an executive order issued on January 25th the federal government can withhold funds from cities, towns, counties and states that protect undocumented immigrants from being detained and deported.

The response has ranged from defiance to compliance. San Francisco filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the executive order, while Miami’s mayor suspended a city policy of non-cooperation with federal immigration authorities, citing the threatened loss of federal funds.

Immigrant advocates say Miami is the exception.

Many communities are looking to strengthen their sanctuary policies. But it’s unclear how far they can or will go to protect undocumented immigrants within their borders.
“As we know the detention and deportation system can happen pretty quickly here and we want people to not only be safe and know their rights but be prepared in case of an emergency.” – Kemi Bello, Immigrant Legal Resource Center

In this podcast we break down the issues and the challenges.

Feet in 2 Worlds’ Executive Producer, John Rudolph speaks with: