New Orleans Police Release of Video of Arties Manning Shooting Raises Concerns

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After the NOPD release of body camera video Wednesday showing the fatal Jan. 24 shooting of 26-year-old Arties Manning III, many have questioned the effectiveness of body cameras.

Manning, who was initially identified as an armed robbery suspect, was later cleared but is accused of pointing a gun at a plainclothes NOPD officer before he was fatally shot at an apartment complex in eastern New Orleans.


The officer-involved shooting occurred more than three years after the City of New Orleans began implementing a 492-point, federally mandated consent decree which seeks to bring the NOPD into compliance with federal standards for constitutional policing.

The consent decree has not been without its problems or hiccups. In 2015, a female NOPD officer turned off her body camera just moments before she shot a suspect in the head during a scuffle. The suspect managed to survive the incident but the incident went unreported by the NOPD for several days, leading to the resignation of then NOPD Supt, Ronal Serpas.

Manning’s mother, Natasha Manning, has not ruled out the possibility of her son owning a gun given the dangers associated with living in New Orleans these days, but has said repeatedly that her son would never point a gun at a policeman or anyone else.

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