Tense Confrontation Over Land Dispute in Vietnam as Locals Hold Police Hostage

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The police have sealed off a district near the capital, Hanoi, after residents seized police hostages during a violent clash over a land dispute.

Reports say that as many as 30 officials, many of them police, are being held captive in Dong Tam commune, My Duc, about thirty kilometres south-west of the capital.

Journalists have been prevented from entering the area, as the police build up their forces in the surrounding districts.

The police were seized during a violent confrontation with angry residents

Police units were driven out of the commune on Sunday by crowds of residents who pelted them with rocks and other missiles.

The hostages appear to have been seized during the melee.

The clashes erupted after police moved in on Saturday and arrested a number of people who have been involved in a long simmering land dispute with the authorities.

The arrests led to the violent response by residents who are demanding the release of their comrades in exchange for their hostages.

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