“We Count for Nothing:” Immigrant Workers Learn About Health Options

New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Posted: May 30, 2017

A health care and immigration advocate urged day laborers to take advantage of health programs available to them, instead of withdrawing into the shadows because of the xenophobic climate created by the Trump administration.

Most Elders Want to Stay at Homes, But Is That What's Best?

Deseret News/New America Media , News Feature, Lois M. Collins, Posted: May 29, 2017

America’s 46 million seniors will nearly double by 2060, meaning the U.S. Most want to age at home, but the country needs more age-friendly options when that’s not possible.

Profile in Old Age: Family, Friends and Purpose Fend Off Isolation

Deseret News/New America Media , News Feature, Lois M. Collins, Posted: May 28, 2017

Two women from different walks of life, former Utah First Lady Norma Matheson and Betty Newbold, face old age living alone with their own kinds of social-supports.

Sergio Bendixen: Pioneer of Multilingual Polling

New America Media, Profile, Sandy Close, Posted: May 27, 2017

Sergio Bendixen -- who helped New America Media build ethnic media's visibility and credibility through his multilingual polls of media usage -- died last night in Miami.

Marking Ramadan in the Era of Trump

New America Media, Commentary, Hasan Zillur Rahim, Posted: May 25, 2017

For the more than 3 million Muslims in America, Ramadan this year will be different in one particular way: We will be thinking more deeply about the fate of our country.

Femmigrants - A New Online Platform for Women Immigrant Entrepreneurs

New America Media, Question & Answer, Peter Schurmann, Posted: May 25, 2017

Ika Aliyeva launched Femigrants.org in order to give female immigrant entrepreneurs like herself a "trusted platform" to seek advice and gain inspiration.

Trump to the ‘Rescue’ in Saudi Arabia and Israel

New America Media, News Analysis, William O. Beeman, Posted: May 23, 2017

President Trump's hosts in the Middle East have lured him into a web of intrigue that could embroil the region for decades.

University of Maryland Stabbing Death Investigated as Hate Crime

Ebony, News Report, Posted: May 23, 2017

22-year-old Christopher Urbanski has been charged with first-degree murder in the attack and is reportedly being held without bond.

Suicide Bomber Kills 22 at Ariana Grande Concert

Latina, News Report, Posted: May 23, 2017

On Monday night, a suicide bomber killed at least 22 people and wounded 59 others at a packed Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. Following the explosion concertgoers, including children, were separated from their parents as they fled the venue.

Trump Neglects to Make Positive Nod to Muslims in America

Asam News, News Report, Posted: May 22, 2017

President Trump, almost 16 years removed from that dark day in history, did not even acknowledge the existence of Muslims in America in his speech.

Police in Massachusetts Investigating Letter Urging Voters Not to Vote for Muslim Candidate

India West, News Report, Posted: May 22, 2017

Police in Shrewsbury, Mass., are investigating a letter sent to some residents urging them not to vote for a Muslim candidate for the town's governing board.

City Meets Deadline for Removing Four Confederate-Era Monuments

Louisiana Weekly, News Report, Staff, Posted: May 22, 2017

The City of New Orleans took down the third of four monuments the City Council voted in Dec. 2015 to remove from public spaces.

Trump Reaps Saudi Arms Deal, Stronger Ties

Arab American News, News Report, Posted: May 22, 2017

The arms deal, plus other investments that the U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said could total up to $350 billion, was the central achievement of Trump’s first day in Riyadh, firs strop on a nine-day journey through the Middle East and Europe.

Coincidence? Donald Trump Takes Trip and Saudi Arabia, UAE Donate $100,000,000 to Fund Backed by Ivanka

The Root, News Analysis, Posted: May 22, 2017

The White House has assured America, almost a million times now, that there is no collusion between the White House officials and those seeking favor with the president.

Applying for Citizenship: I Should Have Done It Sooner

New America Media, Commentary, Giannina Diaz Coello, Posted: May 22, 2017

When the conversation about immigrants began to get ugly, I decided it was time to apply for citizenship.

Fuera de Washington, Emerge un Movimiento "Más Poderoso" para los Derechos de los Inmigrantes

New America Media, News Report, Elena Shore, Posted: May 22, 2017

Durante los primeros 100 días del gobierno de Trump, hay una creciente y cada vez más organizada resistencia.

ACA Repeal Will Wipe Out Coverage Gains by Small Business Workers and Self-Employed

New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Posted: May 19, 2017

Republicans' efforts to repeal and replace the ACA threaten the health coverage of California's self-employed and those employed in small businesses.

Will Argentina Deny Justice to Its 'Disappeared?'

New America Media, News Feature, Mary Jo McConahay, Posted: May 18, 2017

Torture survivors and relatives of the disappeared are concerned that justice for state crimes during the military dictatorship is under threat.

The Real Financial Costs of Caregiving

Minneapolis Star Tribune/New America Media , News Report, Katy Read , Posted: May 18, 2017

Minnesotans who provide caregiving for loved ones may face real financial hardships of their own. Also, a new report hits California care facilities on worker abuse.

Day Laborers Urged to Take Advantage of Available Health Coverage

New America Media, News Report, Jenny Manrique, Posted: May 17, 2017

Fear generated by threats to repeal Obamacare, coupled with anti-immigrant rhetoric, is keeping some immigrants from taking advantage of health care programs their children are entitled to under a program launched in California last year.

Internet Company That Does Business With Hate Sites Alters Complaint Policies

Propublica, News Report, Posted: May 17, 2017

Cloudflare, a major content delivery company, responds to concerns about the safety of those who object to disturbing material on the web.

Arrest Sparks Angry Protest in Vietnam

Vietnam Right Now, News Report, Posted: May 17, 2017

The police have arrested a prominent activist, Hoang Duc Binh, for his role in an environmental campaign, provoking a tense confrontation with citizens.

U.S. Immigration Arrests Up Nearly 40 Percent Under Trump

Arab American News, News Report, Posted: May 17, 2017

U.S. arrests of suspected illegal immigrants rose by nearly 40 percent in the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency.

I Ask Again, Do You Want Pence?

New America Media, News Analysis, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Posted: May 17, 2017

President Pence would move quickly, adeptly, and expertly at trying to ram legislation and initiatives through Congress and via executive order.

United Nations: India's Growth Rate Expected to Near Eight Percent in 2018

India West, News Report, Posted: May 17, 2017

India is expected to keep its lead as the world's fastest growing major economy in a world struggling to reach a 2.9 growth next year with the developed economies stuck at 1.8 percent.

Challenges Loom for Growing Elderly Filipino American Population

Philippine News/New America Media , News Report, Neil Gonzalez , Posted: May 17, 2017

The population of Filipino and other Asian American elders will quadruple by 2050. Model programs exist, yet the U.S. is ill-equipped to serve its ethnic seniors.

Is India Poised for Takeoff?

India West, News Analysis, Ashok Vaish , Posted: May 16, 2017

Will there be another Google or Microsoft out of India? Maybe, although the challenges are formidable. I would not bet on it for the foreseeable future.


New America Media, Editorial, Posted: May 16, 2017


When Hate Speech Became a Movement

New America Media, Op-ed, Andrew Lam, Posted: May 16, 2017

What infected Tay has now jumped the confines of the internet. Incubated in a toxic stew of fear and resentment, it now permeates all strata.

Beijing Ready to Employ More Filipino Workers

Inquirer.net, News Report, Posted: May 16, 2017

Mr. Duterte made a state visit to China in October last year and returned home with $24 million in deals and grants.

Sonia Gandhi’s Unifying Role Is Unlikely to Succeed

India West, News Report, Posted: May 16, 2017

As in 2004, Sonia Gandhi is again trying to stitch together an alliance against the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Miss USA Clarifies Controversial Health Care Comments: 'I Am Privileged to Have Health Care and I Do Believe That It Should Be a Right'

The Root, News Report, Posted: May 16, 2017

Despite the uproar, Miss USA is looking forward to her yearlong reign, setting her sights on advocating for STEM.

ETP Spills Two Million Gallons of Drilling Material in Ohio

Indian Country Today, News Report, Posted: May 15, 2017

Ohioans are experiencing a little taste of Standing Rock, right at home. Energy Transfer Partners, the Texas company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Conviction Applauded in Bias Motivated Attempted Murder

AsAm News, News Report, Posted: May 15, 2017

The five Somali Americans were on their way to a mosque for prayer when prosecutors say the group heard someone yell "[expletive] Muslims."

The Threat of Zika Never Disappeared

New America Media, News Analysis, Erin N. Marcus, MD, Posted: May 15, 2017

Pregnant women are of concern because Zika can cause severe fetal brain defects. In nonpregnant people generally, Zika can occasionally cause paralysis.

Q&A: K-Town ’92 Spotlights Unheard Stories of the LA Riots

New America Media, Question & Answer, Peter Schurmann, Posted: May 15, 2017

Peabody Award-winning filmmaker Grace Lee discusses her latest project, K-Town '92, which takes a fresh look at the Los Angeles Riots 25 years later.

Dementia, Poverty & Homelessness Intersect Leaving Black Elders’ Needs Unmet

Los Angeles Sentinel/New America Media , News Feature, Charlene Muhammad , Posted: May 12, 2017

Especially for black families, an elder’s dementia can run into the high costs of care leaving many in poverty and even homeless.

Outside Washington, A ‘More Powerful’ Immigrant Rights Movement Emerges

New America Media, News Report, Elena Shore, Posted: May 11, 2017

Despite the cloud of fear hanging over immigrant communities, there is a growing and increasingly organized resistance.

Nueva herramienta ayuda a localizar y documentar el aumento en incidentes de odio

New America Media, Editorial, Posted: May 11, 2017

NAM se ha unido a una colaboración nacional de medios de comunicación, grupos de derechos civiles y empresas de tecnología que están trabajando para rastrear y verificar con precisión los informes de crímenes de odio y los incidentes de prejuicios o acoso.

A Black Father and Son at the Intersection of Dementia, Poverty and Homelessness

Los Angeles Sentinel/New America Media , News Feature, Charlene Muhammad, Posted: May 11, 2017

A USC expert on African American aging, Bryan Gaines got an unexpected master course in family caregiving when he had to help his estranged father, who had Alzheimer’s.

Beware: That Call From the IRS May Not Be a Scam After All

New America Media, News Report, Anna Challet, Posted: May 10, 2017

Anyone can be susceptible to tax scams. "Taxes make people nervous, even if they’ve paid their taxes already," says Kopec.

In California, Going to the Beach Can Break the Bank

KCET, News Report, Aura Bogado, Posted: May 10, 2017

For many California residents, the cost of a visit to the coast is often more than they can afford.

Proposición busca mejorar el tratamiento y condiciones en las clínicas de diálisis de California

New America Media, News Report, George White, Posted: May 10, 2017

Los que apoyan la Proposición estatal que requiere mejoras en las plantillas de las clínicas de diálisis dicen que las pobres condiciones laborales crean un riesgo de seguridad para los miles de californianos que se están tratando por fallo renal en etapa terminal.

Trump Taps Indian American Attorney Neil Chatterjee for Key Energy Post

India West, News Report, Posted: May 09, 2017

His work backed the senato''s campaign against regulations to restrict use of coal for electricity generation.

Anxiety Grips California Students Amid Immigration Crackdown

California Health Report, News Report, Claudia Boyd-Barrett, Posted: May 09, 2017

Fear that their parents may be deported grips the estimated 700,000 public school students in California who have at least one undocumented parent.

Bill Seeks to Improve Treatment, Conditions in CA Dialysis Clinics

New America Media, News Report, Text: George White / Video: Veronica Caro and Mariah Smith, Posted: May 09, 2017

Supporters of the bill say that poor working conditions create a safety risk for the thousands of Californians being treated for end-stage kidney failure.

2017 NAM California Ethnic Media Awards Entry Fees

New America Media, Event, Posted: May 08, 2017

Pay for NAM California Ethnic Media Awards entries here.

Health Care Is Now the Republicans' Mess

Indian Country, News Report, Mark Trahant , Posted: May 08, 2017

The 2018 Elections will be defined by what happens with health care going forward.

Black Journalists Launch Program to Improve the Image of Black Men

North Star News Today, News Report, Posted: May 08, 2017

The initiative follows a similar effort by the Ford Motor Company Fund, a unit of Ford Motor Co., the nation’s second-largest automobile manufacturer.

Who Will Pay for Trump Tax Cuts?

EGP News, News Report, Posted: May 08, 2017

The cuts Trump promised for the middle-class are largely missing from his proposal, according to tax experts.

Chronically Ill People Say Repeal Vote is a Death Sentence

New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Posted: May 05, 2017

The passage yesterday of the American Health Care Act in the House of Representatives is viewed by many, especially the very sick, as a death sentence.

The Unintended Consequences of Hate

New America Media, Commentary, Hasan Zillur Rahim, Posted: May 03, 2017

Amid a rising tide of Islamophobia in the months since Trump's election, Muslims in San Jose, CA have undertaken a grassroots campaign to connect with local residents.

Police Officer Roy Oliver Fired for Fatally Shooting 15-Year-Old Jordan Edwards

The Root, News Report, Posted: May 03, 2017

The officers who extended this nightmare for those children ought to be properly reprimanded as well.

NCAI Condemns President Trump's Derogatory Use of Pocahontas

Indian Country Today, Editorial, Posted: May 03, 2017

We cannot and will not stand silent when our Native ancestors, cultures, and histories are used in a derogatory manner

ASEAN Failure Undermines Vietnam

Vietnam Right Now, News Report, Posted: May 03, 2017

Vietnam has suffered another setback in its South China Sea policy with the failure of ASEAN leaders meeting to Manila to stand up to China’s expansion in the region.

World Press Freedom Index: The Philippines Still Dangerous country for Media

Asian Journal, News Report, Posted: May 02, 2017

There may have been a decrease in the number of journalists killed in the Philippines last year, but the country still remains one of the most dangerous countries for the media

Health Clinic Patients Protest Trump's Policies

New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Posted: May 02, 2017

As always, there were protests and rallies across the nation on May Day, only this year, many of the chants carried anti-Trump messages.

Increasingly Targeted, Indian Americans Push Back Against Hate

India Currents, News Report, Jaya Padmanabhan, Posted: May 02, 2017

Since the election of Donald Trump in November, reports of hate-related incidents targeting the Indian community have spiked nationwide.

The Problems With Hearing Aids—And the Solutions

Senior Planet/New America Media , News Feature, Erica Manfred, Posted: May 02, 2017

Hearing aids cost too much, they're ugly, they make me look old. SeniorPlanet's Eric Manfred answers 8 complaints, including these with great solutions.

New Orleans Begins Removing Racist Confederate Monuments

Washington Informer, News Report, Posted: May 01, 2017

At a press conference the morning after the first monument, the Battle of Liberty Place Memorial, was removed, the Mayor stated that the other monuments would be removed, "sooner rather than later."

Hate Crimes Bring Anxiety, Action for South Asians

Iexaminer, News Feature, Kamna Shastri, Posted: May 01, 2017

Crimes targeting South Asians are happening at rates comparable to post-9/11 panic after dipping over the past decade.

Indian American Muslim Comedian Hasan Minhaj Roasts Trump at Correspondents' Dinner

AsAm News, News Report, Posted: May 01, 2017

The Daily Show correspondent Hasan Minhaj capitalized on this opportunity right as he took the stage, even though Jeff Mason, president of the White House correspondents group.