Chinese Brit Confronted Terrorists in London Attack

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Geoff Ho is a business editor for the Sunday Express.

He had just posted on his Facebook page Saturday that he fended off two people from attacking an unarmed bouncer at the bar.

Minutes later, he would leave that bar and go to another restaurant where 5 knife-wielding terrorists would later strike.

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‘I had just left The Sheaf pub and saw two people attacking the bouncer,” Ho said in a statement released by his newspaper. “He was on his own and I held off the unarmed attackers until the police arrived. At that point I thought, “job done, now for beer and food.

‘I went five doors down the street to Black & Blue. Within two minutes of my leaving the Southwark Tavern and posting “not on my watch” on Facebook, the terrorist attackers arrived at the restaurant.

“I knew I had to face the attackers down, they were armed and I had the best chance of delaying them until the police arrived or they’d get everyone. I had to shield my friends and the people there.

“Then I noticed they had suicide vests on. I tried to slow them, they attacked. It happened so quickly. The b*****d in the Arsenal shirt came at me first. I think I got a hit in on one of him, but either he or his accomplice got me with a shot to the throat.”

Ho made it clear that he holds no animosity towards Muslim and pledged his support for that community.

“I want to make it clear that many of my friends are Muslim,’ he said. ‘The people who attacked me were not representative of Islam. I stand in solidarity with my Muslim brothers and sisters,” the Metro reported.