Pacific Islander Killed in UPS Killing Spree in San Francisco

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A Samoan American is among the three co-workers killed by a gunman at a UPS facility in San Francisco.

The gunman who shot and killed himself may have a Chinese surname. Sources tell ABC7 News the gunman’s name is Jimmy Lam, although police have yet to confirm this. Lam is said to have had a history of mental illness and had an ongoing dispute with a UPS manager.

“He kept to himself,” said a retired UPS worker. “Really didn’t participate with other drivers.”

Relatives have identified one of the victims as Mike Lefiti, 46 and a father of five.

Lefiti’s cousin who had come to UPS to give Lefiti a ride home, instead heard gunshots and saw his cousin sprawled on the ground.

“He just was a great person and I’m going to miss him. I want him back, I want him back,” said Mark Toia as he broke down in tears during an interview with ABC7 News

The San Francisco Chronicle reports Lefiti worked for UPS for 17 years. Friends knew him as “Big Mike.” His route was the Diamond Heights neighborhood of San Francisco where many knew him because he often stopped and talked.

“You’d walk by to go to the drugstore and have a conversation with Mike,” neighborhood resident Jessica Irvine said. “He was very, very well-loved by everybody. He was very friendly and helpful and honest.”