Potential Cosby Witness Details Plot by Accuser

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 Marguerite Jackson wanted to tell her story to the jury in the sexual assault trial of comedian Bill Cosby.

And since Judge Steven O’Neill allowed testimony from accuser Andrea Constand’s neighbor, who said she wasn’t herself after the alleged incident with Cosby, it seemed logical that O’Neill would allow Jackson’s testimony.

He did not.

So Jackson, whose statement was issued to the court on Nov. 20, permitted Cosby spokesman Andrew Wyatt to read what the jury may have considered compelling testimony.

Jackson, a student adviser at Temple University where Constand worked as director of basketball operations for the women’s basketball team, said she had regular contact with Constand and the two became fast friends.

“I traveled with the team approximately six times,” Jackson said. “On each occasion, Andrea and I shared a hotel room. Although I cannot recall the specific year, there was an occasion I recall the television was on. We were watching the news. There was a news story of a high-profile individual who was accused of drugging women and sexually assaulting them.

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