Game of Thrones Episode Was All About Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Staying Woke

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Even though we’ve discussed how Game of Thrones teaches us everything we need to know about white America, breaking down the political and social metaphors embedded within each episode requires a keen eye and the ability to understand the language of literary analogy. The messages hidden beneath the layers of turmoil and conflict sometimes need decoding by a professional, which is why I am here to explain the nuanced meaning of what’s going on in Westeros. But let’s be honest—you didn’t need me this week.

I’m pretty sure I can skip this week’s explainer because even if your eyes had been plucked out by the three-eyed raven, you could still see that this week’s episode was all about Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump. Titled “Stormborn,” episode 2 of the second season was basically a recap of the entire 2016 presidential election, set in the Seven Kingdoms and ...

Wait. Am I the only one who noticed this? You mean you have no clue what I’m talking about? OK, let me break it down for you:


Daenerys Targaryen Is Hillary Clinton

The episode opened at the DNC (Dragonstone National Convention) with Daenerys giving the keynote speech as the party’s nominee for queen. Like Hillary, Daenerys opened her speech talking about how Cersei is only supported by three of the Seven Kingdoms (Or as we know them, the “basket of deplorables”). Daenerys assumes—like Hillary Clinton—that she should be queen because of her family ties and her white privilege (the dragons).

Her political advisers thought it was important to get a minority endorsement, so she sent a raven to Jon Snow and the Starks in the North. Apparently, Daenerys has no idea that the black community frowns on her shenanigans because of what happened in the previous Clinton Targaryen administration but everyone knows: The North remembers.

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