Vietnamese Police Arrested Dissidents in A Series of Raids

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Police in Vietnam have arrested more political activists in coordinated raids across the country.

A statement from the Ministry of Public Security said that four detainees were being held under Article 79 of the penal code on charges of attempting to overthrow the people’s administration.

The arrests, across the length of the country, mark a further escalation of the government’s drive to suppress dissent.

Reports say that journalists from an independent TV channel, Chan Hung Nuoc Viet, have also been summoned and arrested.

Pham Van Troi is one of a number of activists picked up for his criticism of the government

Rights campaigners fear the authorities are going all out to silence their online critics, with recent appeals for restraint from foreign governments falling on deaf ears.

Family members confirmed that the engineer and former political prisoner, Pham Van Troi, was arrested at his home in Hanoi.

Pastor Nguyen Trung Ton, who has also served a prison sentence on political charges in the past, was detained in Hanoi.

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