Sen. Kamala Harris Denounces White Supremacists in Charlottesville

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Sen. Kamala Harris denounced the violence carried out by White supremacists in Virginia and criticized President Donald Trump for refusing to explicitly address the issue, reports The Huffington Post. She was one of many Asian American leaders who spoke out against the violence from the White nationalists.

On Saturday, a violent confrontation broke out between a White nationalist group and opposing protestors, according to CNN. A driver who was aligned with the White nationalist group drove into the crowd, killing one and injuring more than 30 others.

“This hate is against everything America stands for,” said Harris, reports Times of San Diego. “We must all stand united against it.”

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Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe condemned the incident and questioned the patriotism of those involved.

“They get out of bed every day to hate people and divide our country,” McAuliffe said at a Sunday prayer. “Let’s be honest, they need to leave America, because they are not Americans.”

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