The White Supremacists who Refused to Be Treated by An Asian American Doctor

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The violent protests by Nazi sympathizers and White supremacists this weekend in Virginia ended in three dead and a number of people injured.

Waiting to treat the injured was a multicultural trauma team at the University of Virginia.

It was against this backdrop that Dr. Esther Choo sent out a number of tweets about her experience in treating White supremacists in Oregon.

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A multicultural trauma team is on standby to treat the injured from violent protests by White nationalists

Yes, those White supremacists would rather go untreated than being cared for and even saved by an Asian American.

She followed with numerous other anecdotes.

“They invariably pick the intern, as long as they are White. Or they leave. Breathtaking, isn’t it? To be so wedded to your theory of White superiority, that you will bet your life on it, even in the face of clear evidence to the contrary?

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