This Was Never About the Anthem

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When Sharp Cheddar Stalin called the mothers of NFL players “bitches” in Huntsville, Ala., his hillbilly conservative base cheered him on because he vilified the men for disrespecting “our flag.” He castigated them for not showing the proper reverence for the national anthem.

Welcome to another game of “Stupid or Liar.”

You already know the rules. There are times when you hear a statement or premise so blatantly false that the person who uttered it must either be irrevocably stupid or an unabashed liar. Donald Trump and conservatives are knowingly lying when they say Colin Kaepernick and others are disrespecting the anthem and the flag, or they are too stupid to understand the concept of protest.

Maybe they are too stupid to understand that casting Kaepernick as having contempt for the flag is like saying Rosa Parks told the Montgomery city transportation worker, “Nah, I’m good,” because she hated buses. Martin Luther King Jr., John Lewis and the Selma, Ala., citizens who fought for the right to vote must’ve hated the Edmund Pettus Bridge, according to their logic.

In fact, on December 13, 1773, when those men in Boston boarded British ships and held the protest that would spark the flame that became the United States of America, I’m willing to bet no one was stupid enough to say: “Hey guys, I hate taxation without representation as much as anyone ... but why we gotta be so disrespectful to the tea?”

This was never about the anthem.

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