IBM Workers Based in India Outnumber Those in the U.S.: NYT

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IBM’s workforce is now dominated in India, surpassing the number of employees it has in the United States.

The South Asian country is home to roughly 130,000 employees for the Armonk, N.Y.-based computing company. That figure surpasses the number of employees in any other country, according to a New York Times report.

In total, the India-based employees account for one-third of IBM’s total workforce and includes managers and researchers.

“IBM India, in the truest sense, is a microcosm of the IBM company,” Vanitha Narayanan, chairman of the company’s Indian operations, told the Times at IBM’s main campus in Bangalore.

The work in India has been vital to keeping down costs at IBM, which has posted 21 consecutive quarters of revenue declines as it has struggled to refashion its main business of supplying tech services to corporations and governments, the report said.

Narayanan, who spent 12 years working at IBM in the United States and China before moving to India in 2009, said the company decided where to put jobs based on where it could find enough qualified workers and the customer’s budget. “It’s not as if someone says, ‘Oh, jeez, let me just take these jobs from here and put them there,’” she said in the report.

IBM, which opened its first Indian offices in Mumbai and Delhi in 1951, is now spread across the country, including Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chennai, the Times said.

The company’s employment in India has nearly doubled since 2007. Meanwhile, the number of employees in the U.S. has continued to shrink through layoffs and buyouts, the report said.

Though IBM does not disclose the number of employees it has, it is believed that the number of employees in the U.S. is far less than 100,000 – a sharp decline from the roughly 130,000 it employed in 2007, according to the report.