Jessica Sanchez Takes Knee During National Anthem

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Speaking in a soft tone, Filipina and Mexican American Jessica Sanchez took to Facebook to defend her decision to take a knee at the end of her performance of the National Anthem before the Oakland Raiders-Los Angeles Charges games in Oakland Sunday.

The season 11 runner up on American Idol seemed unconfortable explaining her decision. She appeared to be speaking off the top of her head. The 22 year old spoke haltingly and struggled to find the words to explain her actions.

Sanchez went down on her knees while singing the words “home of the brave”at the end of the song.

Deadline reports that Marshal Lynch of the Raiders sat during the anthem and Chargers Russell Okung raised his fist.

The singer described reaction to her protest as “crazy stuff on the internet.”

“I can’t sit here and help them understand why I did it…but it’s something I stand for and believe in,” she said on her Facebook post. “I don’t know. I’ve always been quiet about how I felt and my opinions about things like this, like big things like this.”

She explained that she did not mean to be disrespectful.

“I was not,” she said while holding her hand to her heart.

“I don’t want to be quiet anymore. This is how I feel. It’s what I stand for. I encourage you guys, if you feel a certain way, don’t be afraid to be part of the conversation. Stand for what you believe in.”

This is not the first time Sanchez has gotten involved in a political issue, but it’s by far her most controversial. She released a song during the Presidential campaign in support of Hillary Clinton.